The NXT Review – September 21st, 2016 – Kill Joe Kill!

Whats Up Wrestling Peeps! How creepy was Grumpy-Joe’s disappointment that NXT Champ Shinsuke Nakamura’s injuries, sustained at his hands, won’t require surgery? It’s almost as if keeping him bench for 6-12 weeks was a consolation prize. Then again an assassin doesn’t aim to maim after all. Maybe he should-be taking a page out of the Kevin Owen playbook.


Talking of Kill. This animosity building between Joe and William Regal is fascinatingly murky with regards to where their growing feud will end up. Firstly Joe has known for sometime – or at least made it known – that Regal dislikes him. And for his part Mr. Regal displays an inability to hide is displeasure of having to deal with Grumpy-Joe.

And can you blame him? What a headache this guy has been. Firstly turning on his Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic partner, Finn Balor. Only to now destroy the newly crowned NXT Champion. Clearly this guy does not play well with others.

But with Regals in-ring days seemingly over, this uneasy partnership between GM and Superstar looks to go down this rocky-road for some time. So lets enjoy the ride folks.

Okay, I’m so ready for this Austin AiresHideo Itami showdown. Not to step-over Oney Lorcan’s defeat here because he put on a hell of show. But when Itami came out – ring ready I should add – cutting Aries ranty-rant short. Holy Shit, I thought all my Christmas’ came early.

But Aries being Aires, it wasn’t to be. The perpetual Troll of NXT proceeded to lure Itami into the ring only to turn tail and scamper towards the back.

I can wait, that’s okay, sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze. And I have the feeling that this match will be a TakeOver show stealer. Should it get that far. #ItamiHuntingSeason

Seriously, throw Aliyah a bone already. Not to take anything away from Billie Kay who is on a roll in NXT, of course minus her big loss to Ember Moon at TakeOver Brooklyn II. But when someone like Liv Morgan is getting pushed over Aliyah … you really start to question.

My Fan-Girling aside, I can see why Kay is being positioned as next in line to Asuka’s throne. With the various gimmick-fails and losses behind her, the Australian native really has come far in-between the ropes. And those long-legs are deadly as hell.

I assume once we get Morgan’s inevitable loss to the NXT Women’s Champ (Next Week), Billie will take her shot at the Championship.

Which is great, if you have a Death wish.

With the CWC not only bringing back the long belated Cruiserweight Division, it also gave superior athletes like Cedric Alexander a chance at the big leagues. A chance that many will agree is long overdue in-of-itself.

Clearly Alexander’s time on NXT is limited with his Monday Night RAW debut already in the books. But if this is a one-and-done thing, then at least we got this.

This really was a great match but it only further showed that a so-called ‘Cruiserweight‘ style has been thriving on NXT for some time now. Sure we get Heavyweights like Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt pass through the doors. But some of the Main Eventers like Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville and Seth Rollins have already demonstrated the High-Flying, Grapple Savvy and Fast Paced wrestling that has been wowing fans on CWC of late. Has already made them legit Championship material down on NXT.

Not to say that NXT invented that kind of wrestling because … D’uh. But with RAW going hard on the Cruiserweight division, I just hope that Superstars like Cedric Alexander, Rich Swan and TJ Perkins won’t get stuck in Mid-Card Mediocrity throughout their time with the WWE. Especially when most viewers are tuning in to see this style of Pro-Wrestling more-over the Big Guys that Vince McMahon still holds dear.

At least down in NXT, these small guys get to Main Event and put on a heck of Match. While its still slow progress up-top.


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