Will Captain Jack AKA John Barrowman Be Returning For The Next Season Of Doctor Who?

And the sources seem to be pointing to….. YES!!!! There just may be some more of the Captain Jack action when the season returns to us this spring.


During an interview with radiotimes.com, he was asked if he would ever return to Doctor Who, he replied with “yes, the answer is always yes.” And why shouldn’t he be back? I mean we know (SPOILERS) that he is the Face of Boe, who has been around for quite some time. So naturally you would think that there may be more encounters with him later in the Who series. We have to see how he becomes just a face with no body. I mean, we know kind of what goes down, but let’s see it too.

Further in the interview he reveals “…My producers here in the US for the show I’m on at the moment, Arrow, they’ve said if that did happen we’d let you do it. I would love to do it, and I do know that there’s a huge fan base.” Doesn’t this just make you want to squeal??? *EEEEEK*

John Barrowman has done his time on the set of Doctor Who, Arrow, Torchwood (which is currently on pause at the moment due to some ego issues I guess) and other wonderful shows. To have him back on with the Doctor would be fantastic. And I can’t wait to see how his personality would clash with the current Doctor. Could you just imagine? ^_^


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