Fresh Friday’s Featured Artist This Week Is Bloxx!


Firstly, apologies for no Fresh Friday last week which was due to unforeseen circumstances, but we have a cracking band for this week. This week’s Fresh Friday’s featured artist is… Bloxx!


Bloxx is a 4 piece indie band from West London, and they pack a pretty awesome indie punch! With each member coming from different musical backgrounds, their sound together is really unique and interesting and it draws you in from the first chord. So who makes up this 4-piece band? VocalsOphelia (19), GuitaristTaz (18), BassistPaul (20), DrummerMoz (18). These guys are all incredibly talented and Ophelia’s vocals are flawless and her tone itself is quite unique with a hint of grunge/folk/rock all in one awesome package that is her voice.

Bloxx has just released their first debut single ‘Ur Boyfriend’ and it is definitely one for your playlist! Bloxx is raising money to begin recording their debut album so head over and help them out if you can. I believe the indie world needs an album from Bloxx and given the quality of their debut single Ur Boyfriend, I think their album would be outstanding. Bloxx was kind enough to take some time out do our Fresh Friday Q&A check it out below.



Presh: Where did your love and passion for music come from? And how did that influence your music style?

BloxxWe have always had the passion for music, I think since as far as we can all remember. I mean three of us attended the sam college to do music, and all of us had been in several bands since a young age. I think we all grew up with this passion, and it’s influenced all of us a lot. Each of our styles is differently influenced, but we work to create something with those influences and that just works!

P: Describe your sound in five words

B: This is hard because we incorporate a lot of elements from all directions. Although we tend to stick with pop-rock riffs most of the time, we tend to lose ourselves onstage with our songs ‘curtains’ and ‘colourless’ we’d either go with ‘glistening, catchy, surf, pop, rock’ or ‘could be heavy or not’

P: Who are your major musical influences?

B: I think we’ve all been relatively involved in alternative music, so from indie to metal. Our guitarist Taz (18), used to be a MASSIVE Slash fan, and he’s just as good too. I think we’ve all been influenced massively by different bands, which I think for me Ophelia (19) is good because it gives us different approaches. When writing some of our songs, I was big into bands like  Balance and Composure, and Crazy Post Rock, this really influenced our songs but not in sense of genre, but it gave us ideas. Bassist, Paul (20) would say his major influence is Wolf Alice, and our Drummer Moz (18) loves a bit of the Foo Fighters.

P: What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

B: We’ve had quite a few memorable moments, but I’d say for all of us there’s been two or three. The first one was realising that we could start something really amazing. I knew Taz and Moz from college, and instantly upon meeting them I knew they were great musicians. When I met Paul, I thought he was too cool, but when we realised that we all wanted to do the same thing, it was like a sense of knowing we could be good together.

I think another time that really sticks out  is our gig at 229, which was the moment I think we realised that we weren’t actually half bad. And being four of the most self-critical people, that was hard to admit. We’re continuing to play bigger gigs which will, in turn, create more memorable moments, but this was the best venue we had played, at this time. 

I couldn’t, not mention our first ever studio session with JBJ Studios. This is where we all realised that our single was coming alive. We were all so excited and I think the memory  of our first-ever session as a band will be one of the most important because it’s our first released.

P: Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing a song?

B: Whenever we’ve sat down to write before, we have always played ideas and messed around with chords, and all had input. It tends to be Taz that writes the riffs that drive the choruses, and he always blows our mind! For me, I don’t over think writing lyrics, I usually just go into my iPhone notes, jot down ideas, and piece them together. Sometimes we write with personal meaning, where other times we really don’t. A lot of people think ‘Ur Boyfriend’ is about their boyfriend, but it really isn’t. We just liked the idea of writing a young, fun and super indie tune, obviously! Paul plays bass, but helps with riff and lyrics and usually, he had played the guitar before, but agreed to play bass as he had played bass in Latvian post-rock band ‘Quanaba‘. Our drummer Moz can work with anything we throw at him and knows exactly what to do and when to do it. When recording our latest single, he was the quickest in and out of that booth, and writ’s the best drum parts you could imagine. Together we all just pitch in ideas, and are able to form something good out of it, that’s  how we know we work well together. We can send ideas to each other, over Facebook or voice note, and eventually get a great song out of the other side.


Bloxx has some gigs coming up (dates below) so go check them out and give them some love!

Bloxx Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 24th SeptProud // Camden
Tuesday 27th SeptThe Victoria // Dalston
Saturday 15th OctOxjam // Reading
Wednesday 26th OctUnderbelly // Shoreditch


Follow Bloxx on Twitter

Bloxx Facebook Page

Bloxx Bandcamp Page

Bloxx Spotify Page



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