Katherine Kelly Is A Fan Of Doctor Who

Class - casting announcement

In a Snapchat livestream for ClassKatherine Kelly revealed today that she is a fan of Doctor Who.

‘I see Doctor Who as a National Treasure’ – She said. ‘Whilst I wasn’t watching it every week, I absolutely would class myself as a fan of the show,’

I find it so cool that these stars of film and television are a part of the same fanbase as me. The Whovian fan base includes other notable names such as comedian Stephen FryProfessor Dumbledore actor Michael Gambon and Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jnr. The current head of the monarch Queen Elizabeth II was said to have ordered a DVD copy of Doctor Who: Series 7 in 2013.

Class begins with a double bill of episodes on Saturday 22nd October, whilst Doctor Who will return this Christmas on BBC1. 


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