The ‘Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X’ Review – “May The Best Generation Win”

Things got off to a predictable start as The Millennials & Gen-X waged war over dominance for Generational-Superior. Or “culture clash” as Jeff Probst oddly put it.

The predictable part came as the 20 Castaways were separated into their respective Tribes with Treasure Hunter Paul Wachter spouting the a common rhetoric about “participation awards” and the bizarre notion that us Millennials don’t walk to the store to get milk.

Ho-Hum … It’s gonna be long season.

Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X

Not that Snowboard instructor Taylor Lee Stocker made things better. Leaning on the decidedly ‘Bro-Chaco’ side with confession about Kraft Beer.

A seriously long season.

For all the dumb confessional and ignorant statements, we did get glimmers of strategy from Gen-Xer Jessica Lewis. Who happened to find a ‘Legacy Clue‘ that sees her gain an advantage on Day 36 … should she make it that far. The interesting part, should she get voted out before then, she is able to will it to another contestant. The take-away from this seems to me that the Survivor Producers are dead set on making the Final Immunity Advantage more of a strategy-move then wining a random Reward Challenge at the Final Four.

For Jessica however this seemed to put a wind in her sails as it didn’t take her long to call out paranoid Family Guy Writer David Wright for hunting for the Idol.


Oh David. For the record, I love David. He has all the paranoia of Spencer Bledsoe 1.0 with the “I’m scared of Leaves” fear of Day 1 Cirie Fields.

I hope David is heading for the right trajectory of ‘over coming the odds’, but I don’t hold out much hope with the likes of Police Sergeant Bret LaBelle and Trial lawyer Chris Hammons looking to take him out early. Especially with a 6 person alliance behind them. You hear that Taylor and Jay? 4 into 6, that’s maths Brad Culpepper would be proud of.


So the aforementioned Taylor quickly formed a bromance with fellow Millennial and Realtor Jay Starrett. And Jay and Taylor (or Jaylor) decided to take a page out of the Reynold & Eddie playbook and set about forming the ‘Hot People’ alliance.

Only problem with that is you alienate the other 6 people on the Tribe.


But then again Eddie made it to the Final Four on Caramoan so should Jaylor make it past the Merge-boot danger zone. There is a high likelihood that either could be sitting at the Final Tribal Council.

Lord help us all.

Where this premiere episode lacked in strategy more than made up in firsts for Survivor. Such as an evacuation on Day 2.


For all the bluster (and breeze) the actually evac was a little underwhelming. I’m sure its one of those ‘you have to be there‘ sort of things and you don’t want to put Cameramen in the middle of the Cyclone. But the evac was just Probst going “it’s going to get bad” and that was it. Could we have not seen the Castaways overnight? Did no strategy talk happen at all?

Hands together for the multiply choice sections in Immunity Challenges. Did we have that last season? Maybe, but even so, this years ‘tough choice‘ or ‘shortcut‘ tried its hardest to pigeon-hole the Tribes, with the ‘lazy‘ Millennials bucking the trend by only taking one shortcut. While the ‘go-getters‘ Gen-Xers took every shortcut and paid the price for it with a trip to Tribal Council after failing to complete a 70-piece puzzle.


As first boots go Rachel Ako will go the way as one of the least memorable ones. She sure ain’t no Darnell. But she did show promise as a Castaway that could have stirred up some trouble further down the line. Unfortunately for her, she had to compete against a Cyclone and an evac that suck up most of the air time.

For all the hate that has been thrown at The Millennial Vs Gen-X theme, Season 33 has brought together a strong cast. Much like Survivor Kaoh Rong, while we still have our Red Shirts, a majority of the cast hold their weight. Which gives me hopes for a strong season ahead.


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