Exclusive First Look At Original Art Perks For “Of Devils And Men” Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

As we near closer to the launch date of James D. Schumacher and Ken Knudtsen “Of Devils And Men” Kickstarter campaign (This Friday, September 30th, 2016)  we here at Skatronixxx have more details and more great art from Ken to show you!

The following images are of original art from Ken Knudtsen that you can pledge for. These Original pieces will never be reproduced and come signed personally by Ken.



A Flash Of Red $200.00 Tier






The Horde $250.00 Tier





Shot In The Dark $300.00 Tier


If you by some chance you didn’t see my original announcement and art preview of the horror western comic that is Of Devils And Men (it’s ok I’m here to help) I will now share again the official story synopsis and the 6-page art preview.

Story Synopsis:

1880’s Arizona Territory. The hills caught fire, the animals perished, the great cataclysm wrought death upon the world. Fire spread everywhere. Emerging from the hellfire, horrific denizens hellbent on the killing the last remnants of humanity.

Survivors of the inferno took to trains, stagecoaches, horses, anything to outrun the creatures. For the refugees on board Locomotive 689 Charleston, it is just the beginning of their trials as they steam for the fabled city, Crescent City.

A place where many say this hell has not touched, a place where the survivors can live without fear.

As each day wears thin for the survivors, patience gives way to anger, the pain of losing loved ones turn to violence and soon the people within the train have nothing more to fear that what is inside the train with them. This train is the last hope for these people, and it’s running low on fuel miles away from anything resembling safety and with millions of creatures on its heels.

Will the survivors on the Charleston defy their differences and overcome loss, or will the very thing that unites us all be the downfall of humanity?


Inline image 1

Inline image 3

Inline image 4

Inline image 5


There now you are all up to date. Please help spread the word by sharing on all your various forms of social media, e-mail, comic book shop talk and word of mouth in general (you know talking to a person in person).

If you or anyone you know is a fan of horror, Westerns and or comics, please help Of Devils And Men reach its funding goal of $6,500. The Kickstarter begins Friday, September 30th, 2016 and will have until Wednesday, October 30th, 2016 to reach it’s funding goal. Let’s Make it Happen!

Stay tuned right here for more news on Of Devils And Men later this week.

Follow James D. Schumacher on Twitter: @SchumacherIII

Website: schumacher3.com

Follow Ken Knudtsen on Twitter@kenknudtsen

Website: kenknudtsen.com



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