MacGyver SN1 E1 – The Rising


Just a friendly warning…. this review may contain spoilers!!

I will admit that I went into this as a skeptic.  I mean, I was absolutely sure that there was no way that this reboot would be as good as the original.  In fact, I was completely pissed off that they would even dare to touch something that I loved so much as a kid.  But, then as time went on and I saw more and more promos and trailers for the show, I had to admit that they were wearing me down.  I was happy to learn that Lee David Zlotoff (the creator of the original series) and Henry Winkler (who was an executive producer on the original) were going to be involved with this version. That’s when I was willing to give it a fair shot.  In fact, I can tell you the exact moment that the scales were tipped in this reboot’s favor.  It was the moment I saw this trailer on CBS….

100% reason to remember the name indeed.

There were a few predictable moments.  In fact, when Nikki got shot, I totally said “She’s not really dead.  We’ll see her again.”  I have witnesses…and I was right.

There were a ton of nods to the original series, too.  Including the aforementioned Nikki.  Nikki Carpenter was a character in the original, although she didn’t turn out to be a back stabber in that one.  There were plenty of paper clip and duct tape moments to keep any fan of the original series smiling.  There were characters from the old show, like Bozer (played by Richard Donner in the original) is Mac’s room mate in this new version.  The biggest one actually made me chuckle in happiness.  Remember the iconic pic of Richard Dean Anderson’s MacGyver with the missile thrown over one shoulder?  Here I’ll help ya out….

original mac.jpg

We got a shot of Lucas Till in the same pose.  That may have been the best moment of the show for me.  But, I’m going to have to let this one grow on me.  George Eads was the best part of this show, and he’s not the title character… that says something about this reboot and it’s not good.  Maybe once I get used to Lucas Till as opposed to RDA as MacGyver, I’ll be a bigger fan.  I’m holding out hope that we’ll see a return of the original Mac’s biggest nemesis … Murdoc (played by Michael Des Barres in the classic version).

I will say that if you never watched the original and you like to see them blow stuff up… then you’ll love this show.  Me?  I’m still reserving judgement.

I just can’t help it.  Richard Dean Anderson was one of my first big crushes when I was a kid.  Don’t judge me!  So, it’s going to take more than Lucas Till wielding a paper clip and a Swiss Army Knife for me to consider him MacGyver.

But, I’ll give the kid a chance.


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