Fifty Shades Darker Trailer Dropped

For those that were entranced in the first installment of the “Fifty Shades” trilogy, you will be excited to know that “Fifty Shades Darker” the second installment will be released just before Valentines on February 10, 2017.

In this film emotions run deeper and darker as the title says.  Christian (Jamie Dornan) struggles with his inner demons, while Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) deals with her own envy and jealousy for the women Christian had before her. The young business man continues to use his power to control, by buying up the company Anastasia works for, freezes the accounts of her boss to prevent a business trip with his submissive, and even fires the man for attempting to seduce Ana.

Elena (the woman who introduced Christian to the BDSM lifestyle when he was just 15 years old) learns that Christian is beginning to see Anastasia more as a girlfriend and not just a submissive and becomes antagonistic toward her. In addition to Mrs. Robinson (Elena), Ana is faced challenges from prior submissives.

I expect this movie to be as intriguing as the first as the plot thickens. So, if you’re a couple that is looking for something new to surprise your partner with for Valentines next year, maybe you can plan something special and Fifty Shades Darker themed for a little excitement! Hmmmm….I might do the same! (wink) Until then I’ll leave you with the trailer, check it out!

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“Loyal people wear their loyalty with


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