Doctor Who SN1 EP3 – Forest Of Fear – The William Hartnell Years Review


Welcome back! We return to the Doctor and his companions in the cave with the holy skulls (hehe) as they look in shock and fear at their possible future.

The show then jumps to the cave-oneons sleeping all huddle ball but the old hag is awake and grabs a rock that looks a bit sharp. Then back to our heroes, tied up, in the dungeon cave trying to figure out a way to get out. (I love how the cavers know how to perform a knot to tie one up, but cant figure out the fire thing).

The old lady sneaks out of the sleeping group, making her way to the group in the cave. Susan screams as she notices the old hag, breaking through the twigs that barricade the entrance of the dungeon. She then exclaims “you know make fire??”

Another of the cave peeps, a woman, wakes Zha and warns him that the old woman has taken his sharp tool and is on her way to kill the heroes. At first he doesn’t believe the chick due to some giant boulder still being in the way, but soon realizes that she was telling the truth as the prisoners escape thanks to old haggidy. There is a quick struggle as Zha fights the old lady, knocking her to the ground (not sure if he killed her, this is questionable acting with not much in the effects department so I am not entirely sure). He then talks to the lady cavy of the need to get the heroes back and get this fire thing on the way.

The Doctor and his band are now in the forest, trying to find their way to the TARDIS, Barbara seems to be a bit hysterical and the Doctor a tad out of breath (kind of not digging how the ladies freak out a bit on the too much side here…) But they venture on through, determined to find their way, and get out of there. The two cave peeps, Zha and the chick, have followed them into the forest. Suddenly Zha is attacked by an animal, there is a lot of freaking out on the female cavepersons part, and he is down. The companions see this attack happen, and decide that they need to help. Ian and Barbara head out first, followed by Susan, even though the Doctor is not exactly behind the decision. They approach the wounded and start to help. The Doctor is pretty frustrated at this point, not trusting the cavers to keep their whereabouts a secret.

Mean while, back in the cave… The old woman lives!! And is found by Khal….. Who is not very nice to her when trying to find information on what happened to the prisoners. He then takes out a sharp rock….

Back to our heroes in the jungle, trying to help the caveman down. They are trying to explain to the young cave chick how they are helping. The Doctor still stands there, worried and unsure of the situation. (There is a quick part where the Doctor walks over to the group and caveman, leans down and picks up a rock. His hand is grabbed by Ian who asks “what are you doing?” The Doctor replies, “ I, I was going to see if he could draw us the way…”

Back at the cave, the peeps there discover that the old lady is dead. They are all angry, with Khal acting all innocent and helping with the uproar of the angry and scared dwellers. They are now going to find Zha and the prisoners…..

Back to our heroes… they have found the TARDIS!!! And it seems Khal has found them….


OK that’s it for this episode…. Riveting isn’t it? I know I’m at the edge of my seat.. Just makes me wonder though…. What was the Doctor going to do with the rock…. They way they had him approach and pick up the rock was almost like he was going to use it on the cave guy… but that’s not the way of the Doctor right? Hmmm IDK…. If you have seen this episode please let me know. Next review… The FIREMAKER  ^_^


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