LEGO Dimensions: Five Year One Packs To Consider


LEGO Dimensions Year Two releases in three days, but which Year One packs should you buy in the meantime? Well, here are my five favourite Year One packs for your consideration:

Doctor Who Level Pack


Character: The Doctor

Vehicle: The TARDIS

Gadget: K9

Price: £24.97

LEGO Doctor Who is arguably the best value out of all the LEGO Dimensions packs. Not only do you get an authentic Doctor Who level based on a new storyline (The Dalek Extermination of Earth) with Peter Capaldi, Nicholas Briggs and Julian Bleach reprising their roles as The Doctor , the Daleks and Davros respectively, but the pack allows you to play as all thirteen incarnations of the Doctor – effectively thirteen characters on one NFC tag. Not only that but the TARDIS mini-build has access to every theme tune (bar the TV Movie theme) and TARDIS console room throughout the show’s 53 years on air. K9 (voiced once again by John Leeson) is a nice addition too, although it is a shame that he is a gadget rather than a character in his own right.

Cyberman and Dalek Fun Pack


Character: Cyberman

Vehicle: Dalek

Price: £12.99

The Cyberman and Dalek Fun Pack is the cheapest way to access the fantastic Doctor Who Adventure World, featuring a host of familiar faces such as Captain Jack HarknessMadame Vastra and Strax (voiced by John Barrowman, Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey respectively). You also get Doctor Who’s two most iconic enemies in one pack; the Cyberman (with Nicholas Briggs reprising the role) in particular comes with a whole range of abilities such as mind control and diving underwater. As with K9, it is a shame the Dalek is a vehicle rather than a character – but it does make sense in context of the show, given that the casing is merely a travel machine operated by a  Kaled mutant. Plus: having the Doctor ride a Dalek never grows old!

Doc Brown Fun Pack


Character: Doc Brown

Vehicle: Travelling Time Train

Price: £12.99

Overall, I prefer the Doc Brown Fun Pack to the Back To The Future Level Pack. Whilst I enjoy playing as Marty McFly and having access to the hoverboard from Back to the Future Part 2 and the Delorean Time Machine is nice the level was a bit on the short side – especially in comparison to the 45 minutes of gameplay from the Doctor Who Level Pack. The best Back to the Future content in the game is probably the excellent Hill Valley Adventure World and you don’t need to pay £21.99 to access that. Just as with the Delorean from the Level Pack the time-travelling train from Back to the Future Part 3 allows you to visit all three Hill Valley timezones – 1985, 1885 and 2015 – and any other Back to the Future time travel spots in the main campaign. Christopher Lloyd also reprises his role as Doc Brown and has a number of abilities including the ability to fix LEGO objects and use hacking terminals.

The Simpsons Level Pack

91lp886kxal-_sl1500_Character: Homer Simpson

Vehicle: Homer’s Car

Gadget: Taunt-o-Vision

Price: £19.99

Homer Simpson is one of very few Simpsons characters with voice clips in the game. For reasons unknown, Twentieth Century Fox would only allow LEGO Dimensions to use the voice work of Dan Castellaneta. It is testament therefore to Traveller’s Tales that they managed to make two LEGO Dimensions Simpsons levels that feel authentic to the popular animated sitcom: the Starter Pack level Meltdown at Sector 7-G…and the level pack’s The Mysterious Voyage of Homer.

The Mysterious Voyage of Homer is based on the classic Simpsons episode by the same name and it feels exactly like playing a LEGO recreation of the story. Fortunately for this level they were able to use the voice of Johnny Cash (who played The Space Coyote); for the other voices they replace the characters’ dialogue with mime. This strange mix of modern LEGO dialogue and past LEGO miming works surprisingly well; you don’t even notice that most of the voices are missing and the story is still easy to follow. The Mysterious Voyage of Homer leaves you wanting a full-blown LEGO Simpsons videogame, even if they wouldn’t be able to include voices for Bart, Marge or Lisa.

Oddly the pack refers to the Family Sedan as ‘Homer’s Car’; regardless, the vehicle is a nice addition to the collection of iconic cars (such as the Ecto-1 and Delorean Time Machine) available for the game. The Taunt-o-Vision feels like classic Simpsons with its wacky ability to blow up Silver LEGO objects. It’s just a shame that the Springfield Adventure World feels rather life-less without any of the show’s cast reprising their roles to give out quests.

Emmet Fun Pack


Character: Emmet

Vehicle: Emmet’s Excavator

Price: £5.79

Emmet was of course the star of The LEGO Movie and in my book that makes him a must-have for any LEGO Dimensions player. It is amazing that they managed to entice famous Hollywood actor Chris Pratt to reprise his role when archive audio would have been a much cheaper alternative. Emmet is not only a great character but he is also the only NFC minifigure to have the drilling ability (well, until the Jake The Dog Team Pack is released this Friday). The thing I love most about this pack however is the fact that Emmet’s Excavator can be rebuilt into the Destruct-o-Mech, which bears a strong (and probably deliberate) resemblance to the Construct-o-Mech from The LEGO Movie:



So those are my top five favourite LEGO Dimensions Year One packs. Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below.

All prices are taken from Amazon UK as of Tuesday 27th September 2016.


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