Which Star From Firefly Said ‘One Season Was Enough’ ? …


Oh Firefly, the show that was prematurely ripped from our hearts after just one season. To never know what was to come of the ship and its crew, to never see if the captain may in fact marry the lovely companion. Or to see if they ever become rich and no longer have to scavenge the universe searching for junk to sell in need of finances or trade…. Why cruel universe, why did thou taketh it from us…..*shakes fists at the sky*

 Ok that may have been a little dramatic, but I’m sure you all feel the same as I when it comes to Firefly. And yet there is someone out there who thinks that one season was enough….. and it’s from someone who was on the show!!! (WTH) And you know who this traitor is… Nathan Fillion! (wait what!!??!!) He has stated, “it’s really hard to look at this kind of stuff and say ‘give me more’, because enough is enough. Oh my god, it was everything, it was everything, how can everything not be enough?” What do you mean how can everything not be enough, it ended after 11 out of 13 episodes and left us without full closure…. Sure there are comics that continue on the legacy of this wonderful franchise but come on… if they had allowed the series to finish with some sort of conclusion then maybe we all wouldn’t be begging for more. Well ok, that’s not entirely true I’m sure. The show made it big for Joss Whedon,  and brought him to the top more than any other show, (bigger than Buffy) and left the empty whole in our stomachs that needed to be filled. Sure, eat on Joss and Nathan, enjoy your careers that hit huge thanks to the wonderful making of Firefly, no matter that to us, the fans, who are the reason you all had your major time with the lights and fame, are left to our own sorrows and emptiness inside….

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  1. Always hard to know if more would be better or if it had hit its peak. That said, glad the movie gave some closure even if not all characters never quite had their moments.


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