Big Bang Theory S10 E1 The Military Miniaturization

After a brief recap of the events surrounding Howard’s invention and the cernal, the story continues.

Elon Musk thinks we are nothing but a simulation and Leonard thinks it’s sad that an alien would buy an asthma upgrade.

Raj is terrified by the air force general and the thought of deportation. Which is humorous because he honestly has never been the least bit afraid of being deported.

Sheldon is excited about becoming part of the machine. Of course he is, he just wants to show the world how intelligent he is. Plus when the thought is connected to Storm Troopers of course it just makes him even more excited. Why not become part of the workforce integral with keeping the world safe?

Howard is anxious about this general and it is bothering Bernadette. Suddenly a coworker congratulates her for being pregnant though she hasn’t told anyone. She is up for a promotion and could lose it if they find she is pregnant. Though as her boss is afraid of her I’m curious why she is worrying.

As soon as Bernadette leaves to find out if her boss knows, Penny reveals she told the secret. Penny is usually the one to tell things because she is always ready to gush about the success and happiness of her friends.She tells Bernadette the next day and she is angered by this reveal.

Howard calls his cousin who just so happens to be a lawyer and asks for advice. Sheldon offends him when he finds out he isn’t the right kind of lawyer. They end the call before Sheldon offends him more. For all his growth Sheldon does still have some idiosyncrasies that bring him down.

The Cernal comes into talk to Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard. They tell Sheldon not to talk and it brings out humorous ideas. He is able to hold it in for awhile as the Cernal says a variety of things. Suddenly he can’t help himself when MIT is brought up.

When he says that the MIT scientists that he ran it by said they could fix it in 4 months Sheldon says they could do it in two. Sheldon is not a fan of MIT because he thinks it is beneath him. This is always funny to me because so many amazing minds do come from MIT. He ends up correcting all of the Cernal’s mistakes and must offend him but it clearly won’t stop them from finishing their experiment.

Amy goes to talk to Bernadette with McDonald’s and calms her a little before telling her she got apple slices from McDonald’s. It is true, who goes to McDonald’s for apple slices?! Penny and Sheldon talk about their personal troubles. These two really have gotten close, and now they are basically siblings.

Leonard and Sheldon move out of their lab to go work on their project. They will really have to work hard to finish this in two months.

Bernadette comes over to apologize to Penny since she knows it was an accident.I always love seeing good friends make up especially on TV shows. To see these relationships grow and flourish is just nice.

The trio goes to their new lab and are ecstatic to find out it has a retinal scanner. These guys really do work well together even if they  may fight like kids at times. They may be different but their friendship has really strengthened since the first season.



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