Bob Burger’s Premiere S6 E1-Fluoise

Louise has the flu and she is definitely so excited to miss school. She decides to camp out in her bedroom with her stuffed animals. They are all japanese style characters and Linda just decides to call them all Hello Kitty. This is similar to so many other parents who just can’t remember all of the things their kids like. Especially when you bring into account the japanese nature of the toy.

Louise needs Kuchi Kopi who is her favorite toy. She uses it as her bathroom buddy and when Linda goes to get it she drops in the toilet. Filled with water they put in the oven to dry it out and it gets mashed.

They bring it back to her and she swears she will never forgive them for what they have done.

Louise and the family sing about Kuchi Kopi and soon in a fever dream Louise falls into her rug and into a weird world with Kuchi Kopi as her ally. This is definitely in the vein of Wizard of Oz which isn’t a bad thing.

Kuchi tells Louise they should go to his fortress.

Bob and family are troubled by the wrecking of Kuchi. Teddy calls and suggests he fix it with his heat gun.

Bakoneko is Bob. He sings about the darkness of Kuchi’s palace. Louise and Bakoneko fight and Louise soundly beats him.

Mokuro is voiced by Linda and is a drunk just like Linda. This octopus just wants to get wasted and party with her friends but of course the fortress is stopping that.

Louise meets the last two monsters voiced by Gene and Tina. She stops their song and steals their monster trucks.

Bob and Teddy go to a toy store and because Bob hasn’t read the Kuchi Kopi Books the owner starts reading them to the pair. This store is clearly a japanese themed store which is really quite nice. In fact this isn’t the first time Bob’s Burgers has shown off japanese ideas even showing off a Totoro-esque scene in a prior episode. i enjoy that Bob enjoys the story too!

Louise gets to the fortress and sings all about the fortress. Suddenly the unbent Kuchi Kopi appears and the two bicker. Good Kuchi tells her to forgive her family and not wall herself off. If Louise pushes the button then the fortress will be destroyed and her family will be forgiven. She pushes the button knowing she does have to forgive her family.

Louise forgives her family because of what she learned in her fever dream. They do love her, and they only tried to fix what they broke. She also forgives them because Bob went and got her a replacement.

In the credits Louise dances with the Kuchi brothers and the other toys from her dream.


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