Family Guy S15 E1 ‘The Boys in the Band’

Brian and Stewie are watching an extended cut of Willy Wonka in the Chocolate factory which is rather dirty. Family Guy is great because it offends everyone and doesn’t pull punches. I honestly think Seth McFarlane is a genius. Lois comes in upset they are watching it and puts on a wiggles like show. Of course Lois would come in and do that, she is like every mom, though Stewie is a baby so it makes sense.

Chris wants a tattoo and Lois suggests he get a part-time job. Chris is then seen driving to an airport to win back a girl in a romantic comedy joke. He then disgustingly is involved in an old woman.

Stewie annoyed by the Wiggles-esque show asks Brian to help create songs for babies.I love when Family Guy has songs because while they are usually crude they are great songs.

Chris can’t find work but soon ends up getting work as Quagmire’s assistant. He works really well as his assistant and helps him get into the groove with women. Quagmire has always been a ladies man but is really bad at keeping his ladies apart. It was humorous seeing Chris thrown into this weird world of Quagmire’s.

Stewie goes with Brian to a birthday party to sing a song and they see Olivia, Stewie’s ex. After a brilliant performance Olivia decides she needs to be with Stewie. Soon she is his “number one” fan and president of his fan club.

Lois is upset that Chris is working for Quagmire because Quagmire is an awful influence. Though she is happy that Chris is succeeding. It’s quite the dilemma for a parent to face when they want their child to be happy but really have to weigh the costs. We wouldn’t want Chris to be a second Quagmire….or would we? Nahh.

Stewie and Brian are really doing a good job performing. Olivia wants to kick Stewie out of the band and take his place. She is truly is antagonistic to Stewie who just wants to find something special.

In the end, Olivia kicks Brian out of the band and replaces him with Vinnie. I think it is hilarious that Vinnie was Brian’s replacement. Vinnie ma have only been around for a little bit, but he does have a place on this show and I think he will probably keep appearing from time to time.

A good season premiere with lots of laughs and good humor.  I love that there is a “Future” glimpse of Stewie and he is a mash-up of Peter and Lois. Again the songs were something that made this episode that much better, and I can’t wait for more songs to pop up. Family Guy is back and I’m ready to see what other antics this family gets into this season!



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