Gotham S3 E2 Mad City: Burn the Witch

After a recap of the Season 3 Premiere things begin.

Bruce wakes up blindfolded in the Court of Owls office. The head of the court talks to him and orders him to give up all his evidence. Bruce wants to take down this organization and wants to make a deal. They make an agreement with the stipulation that he will stop investigating the court or the murder of his parents. He is knocked out and removed from the premises.

Gordon wakes up to a knock at his door and it is one Valerie Vale. She needs Selina Kyle to help take down Fish Mooney. Gordon goes to see Barbara to find out if she knows where Selina is. She will only tell him where Selina is if he kisses her. Her insanity really does make her character shine.

Valerie leaves Gordon in the lurch for not letting her find Peabody.

With Ivy being pushed down into the pipe her transformation has occurred. The young Ivy is now the voluptuous version of herself. She is nonetheless surprised by the change. She meets a man and calls herself Ivy.

Valerie tells Bullock where Fish Mooney is and they head off to take her down. A battle soon ensues between the monsters and the coppers. In the chaos Fish ducks out.

Penguin speaks out about Fish beginning his bid for Mayor. He is going to stop at nothing to destroy the monsters and kill Fish.

Bruce wakes up in the manor, surprised.He wants to keep his word but Alfred warns the Court may not keep their word.

Gordon goes to the GCPD and talks to Lucius Fox.  They found the mummified Ethel Peabody and Gordon is shocked by the sight. Bullock is met by two of Fish’s Monsters and taken to see Fish. Fish kisses him so he will help her find Strange. Their relationship has always been a twisted one. There was once something there, and the tension is often quite palpable.

Ivy is not a fan of the man who rescued him especially when he tosses out a houseplant.

Gordon goes to talk to Commissioner Barnes about Bullock and Barnes is upset that he is even there. Barnes won’t tell him where the lab where Strange is but he will take him there. Bullock leads Fish to the location and tries to get in, the guards are killed by the monsters and Fish easily strolls in finding Strange in a plexiglass cube. BD Wong’s portrayal of Strange really is stellar.

Fish wants Strange to fix her and then create her an army. Strange tells her he can’t fix her, which clearly is true based on his demeanor when she tells him to rethink his answer. These characters all work so well with the terrible character that is Fish. If a cop comes within 20 feet of the building Harvey will die. Such a diabolical woman, Fish woul kill the man she loves. Suddenly, the press led by Valerie Vale charge in and are blocked off by the cops. Penguin is so happy that Fish is cornered and is gathering his friends to take out Fish.

Fish nearly cries begging Strange to fix her, she really is just over the top. Penguin leads his army on an attack on the manor where Strange is being held. Gordon always ready to do whatever it takes sneaks in the back door.He is soon beset upon by the two monsters Fish has with her.

Gordon only wants to save Bullock and nothing else matters. He has a way to get her out of there if she will give him Bullock. Gordon tells Penguin to send his mob in and then he will get Fish. The two monsters die at the hand of the mob as Penguin finds Fish.

Fish didn’t kill Penguin because he is hers. She says the greatest thing she ever did was turn him into the Penguin. Penguin doesn’t kill her because of his emotions. As the mob cheers for Penguin, Gordon sees that Penguin clearly didn’t kill Fish.

Dressed in a sultry green dress Ivy walks out having killed her savior with the potted plant.

Alfred decides Bruce needs to be taught how to dance.The window breaks and in walks Bruce’s clone, begging not to be hurt.

Valerie goes to see Gordon and tells him about the story of Fish’s escape which is bogus. She saw the events unfold, and realizes Fish isn’t dead.Valerie and Jim kiss as Jim’s ex Lee walks off a train. Looks like the drama train has come to the station.

Excited for next week’s episode Mad City: Look Into My Eyes, and the Mad Hatter’s first appearance.



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