Last Man on Earth S3 E1 General Breast Theme with Cobras

After a recap of the season 2 Finale our group is met with a group of men in hazmat suits. The leader is the man Phil’s brother was saved by in the previous season. They try to get away but find they are blocked in by the A-Team Van which  Todd was driving.

As they look for the key they realize that the hazmat suited men are upon them.Melissa shoots one of the men and it turns out to be Jon Hamm in a hilarious cameo. This show always surprises me with the people that it can draw. Proves itself to be a great show time and again.

Pat tells them he was a purveyor of ice cream and an incarcerate before the world ended. Lewis his associate was an arborist.The gang decides to let them stay even though Pat the suited man is clearly nuts. Pat talks to his ally and tells him they have secrets that he doesn’t want told.

Phil and Pat bond while the others find out he really is nuts. I mean it is pretty easy to see this guy is crazy when he is always wearing a hazmat suit even though no one else is.

Phil and Pat talk about losing someone important to them who is named Mike. They are launching rockets at the Santa Monica Pier and destroy the Ferris wheel. Quite the sight, and such a cool way to see how far technology has come.

The next night as they are preparing for dinner, Pat comes out without his hazmat suit. He is rather calm and calls himself Patrick. As he looks around the room he finds the picture of Phil and his family which includes Mike. Mike is in fact the same person that Pat really cared for. This flips a switch and he goes insane.

He begins threatening Phil saying he will shoot off his privates before either his head or heart. They are able to run away from him with difficulty and get into the A-Team van. As they begin pulling out he shoots their window causing them to scream. Looks like they may just have to leave Malibu to get away from this guy.

Next time we find our characters in a surprising place, the former home of Cher. Again this show really is just incredible to think of so many interesting twists and turns.



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