Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn is hosting SNL’s 42nd premiere!

I really enjoy finding out who is hosting SNL. While many episodes aren’t always so special. The first episode is certainly something to behold.

I’m excited for Margot Robbie to be hosting the SNL premiere. After being in so many awesome movies it is time for her to be on this legendary show. Even though this show may not be as popular as it once was it is still an institution.

I wonder what she will be tasked to do. Will we see Harley Quinn on SNL? Chances are we will at least see something involving this character as so many people loved the Suicide Squad movie.

With any luck Jared Leto will appear or any of the other Suicide Squad stars. There really is room for any of them to make an appearance since it is the season premiere. She has been mostly non comedic roles but her Harley Quinn is amazing.

Plus, with the changes made to the cast and the cutting of two commercial blocks we are in for more comedy gold. Though this also leaves room for more terrible sketches, but really these sketches just make the good ones that much better.

I am glad she is taking the premiere and can’t wait to find out who else is hosting this season.


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