New Girl S6 E2 ‘Hubbedy Bubbedy’

The second episode of season 6 begins with Schmidt opening mail. The mail situation is out of control and Schmidt wants to organize it with Cece’s help. Jess and Cece are going to find people to vote for Hillary. Schmidt ever the Republican is only after the Paul Ryan 2020 election so at least he isn’t a Trump supporter. If Jess and Cece get more votes for Hillary he will vote for her, if not they will vote for Winston. This show is always quite topical if only in small bursts.

Winston ends up helping Schmidt organize and lets slip there is a junk drawer. Schmidt freaks out but ends up finding an admission letter for Cece. Schmidt is always a supporter for his new wife and has been all along. It is so nice to see their love has grown so strong.

Nick takes Winston’s advice and calls his long distance girlfriend even though he is terrible at phone conversation and says he is up for phone sex. Winston shows him his collection of costumes and says that video sex is a lot easier.

Jess and Cece are both trying to work to promote Hillary for president. Jess is trying harder then she should. Jess always tries harder then she should,but it is part of what makes her so endearing.

Schmidt goes to the Hillary den and ends up getting roped in to organize but only because it is his pet peeve. Schmidt is a crazy man, he always ends up going against what he thinks. He is pretty easy to manipulate because he wants the world to be how he wants it.

Jess and Cece go to a sorority and drink to get the young women to get registered to vote. Definitely not the best way to get new voters.

Nick decides he wants to have space video sex. Nick is truly a ridiculous man and he is definitely going to make a fool of himself. It doesn’t even end up being Regan, it is Winston’s girlfriend.

Jess and Cece are sad that the girls didn’t write their real names. Jess gives a rousing speech and the girls acknowledge the name’s they wrote down. In such a crazy political year this is quite poignant. So many young people don’t want to vote even though they definitely should.

Schmidt is tasked with calling people to vote for Hillary and can only say Hubbedy Bubbedy. Always good when they use the title of a show or episode in the show.  Jess and Cece lead a parade of drunk sorority girl’s to the campaign head quarters so they can register.

Winston gives Nick cards that he wrote him to show off his style. Winston and Nick really are best friends and have been for years. It’s good seeing such a real friendship in a show.

The sorority girls are all actually Trump supporters and they are going to vote because of Jess. Cece doesn’t want to go to college, because it just isn’t for her. Jess and Cece lose the bet and thus have to vote for Winston. Jess ends up dressing up as Trump, she really looks hilarious.

Another good episode of this amazing show. With such an insane election coming up it was nice to see behind the curtain in a humorous way. I am excited for next week’s episode ‘Single and Sufficient!’


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