Regular Show: In Space S8 E3 Welcome to Space

The dome finishes blasting through lightspeed and are introduced to their new space friends. They arrive at the home base a space tree. All of the domes are being brought here to be kept safe. This show is really something to behold.

The gang is told they are here to bring parks to space. They will be trained and then travel through space to set up parks. Classified images pop up and the chief blocks the screen, clearly something is fishy.

Benson doesn’t want to take part in this experience at all. He is upset that he was lied to too and just wants to go home. He runs off and runs into a door that he assumes leads to Earth. It is interesting that Benson is the one who is against those but honestly it make sense. He really only feels that he has it in him to manage a park.

As he lands he is beset upon by the press. He gets away from them and finds that his apartment has been taken by a group of young people. He then tries to  get a job but since he is a terrible being he is fired.

He soon ends up as a hobo and his only possession is the tape that Mordecai gave him. He watches it and it shows all the guys and Eileen saying nice things about how Benson should stay in space.

He runs out of a door and finds himself back on the space ship. Turns out he was just in a simulator. He is now fully ready to stay on the ship because he cares about all of these guys.

Such a deep episode for all that is worth. Benson needed a wake up call and I am glad he was able to get one so easily. Clearly this episode is foreshadowing that all of the guys are going to need to be together to face what is coming next.



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