Regular Show: In Space S8 E4 ‘Space Creds’

Mordecai and Rigby are loving space but they are  little bored. They soon see a commercial that tells of hover boots and of course they want them.

No one wants to  buy the boots for them and they are saddened by this.They all know that these boots are too dangerous especially for a pair of dunderheads like Mordecai and Rigby. When Muscleman and Hi Five Ghost show off their hover boots they are invited to a party and Mordo and Rigs aren’t. Whenever Muscleman gets something it really does push the guys to get it, because he really is the worst.

Suddenly they are told by a crew mate that someone needs help. They are tasked by a sexy scientist named Jessica to head into her plant monster and to save her husband. If they do they will be rewarded with enough money to buy the hover boots they so desire. The monster quickly eats them and it is quite disgusting. The artists are really good at crafting things to look as real as possible. As soon as they fall through the maw they land in a large forest.

Armed with only lasers they look for Craig and it is quite hard. The only light they have is the glow emitted by their lasers. They are trapped by a plant monster and are saved by Craig.

Craig, Jessica’s husband has really grown accustomed to living inside the plant monster. She pushed him into the monster when he said they need to stop with these experiments. The humorous thing is that this only happened yesterday. To get so buff in that short of a time is nothing but a miracle. They tell her they are ready to bring him back and when they get out she aims a laser gun at them.

Jessica is obsessed with her plants and the necklace her husband took from her. She is soon eaten by her monster an then Craig jumps in to save her, they are then eaten together. Really actually quite a beautiful scene to show two people fall back in love. Clearly the wonders of space can separate people and it takes true caring to bring them back together.

With their credits they earned they are instantly hurt by their hover boots as they are a dangerous thing to own. I wonder if they will have these boots in later episodes. Or will this just be one time thing? Only time will tell. All I know is I did enjoy this episode.


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