Simpsons S28 E1 Monty Burn’s Fleeing Circus

The couch gag is one of the greatest parts of every Simpsons episode. This couch gag was probably one of my favorites as it took on the guise of Adventure Time. There was even a simpsonized version of the classic theme song. The Simpsons are an iconic institution that really does take from what is around it and basically catalogs it for future reference in a lot of ways

After the amazing couch gag  we see the Simpsons walking. They look up shocked to see that the town is in shock about something. The lard lad statue is gone. They go and have a riot where half the crowd is fixing the damage and the other is damaging it making the damage zero.

There is a new lard lad statue and it creates a vicious beam of light that wrecks all of the town. Mayor Quimby tells them they will rebuild the city but after a good amount of time the town is still damaged irreparably.

The Simpsons go to Mr. Burns who reluctantly says he will fix the town if he can put on a variety show.

Mr. Burns flashes back to his childhood when he was ready to perform. His mother licks him like a lolly which is rather unnerving. I love that his flashback is sepia to show how old this monstrous man actually is.

Mr.Burns decides to go to the school to find performers and ends up enlisting Lisa to be his assistant.

With Mr.Burns gone the plant goes to hell. They all party all day and swim in radioactive waste. Truly just a deplorable way to work in a plant.

At the stage Mr.Buns is checking out the performing prowess of the child but it is disheartening. His performance in the past made him a laughing stock and started his bitter past.

Lisa says she hates the show and Burns cancels it. Lisa is such a troublesome character because she is so honest.

Lisa goes to fix things with Burns and is shown his childhood performance. She realizes that he needs to fix this memory and wants to help him do that.

Homer goes into stop the party at work but it won’t be so easy. It’s humorous seeing Homer try and stop the fun when he doesn’t really do his job on a regular basis.

At the performance the children actually put on a good show. There are even guest appearances by Maude Flanders and Edna Krabappel. The show goes off without a hitch until Mr.Burns goes to his childhood act. He ends up mooning the audience once again. Sad yet funny. He then watches Lisa play saxophone while Smithers makes his body react. Smithers is such a weirdo loving this decrepit old man, but he is wonderful because he really stands by the man he loves.

Lisa wonders why they are always cursed with bad luck and it shows their ancestors being cursed by Mary ala Bewitched style magic. In the final moment the statue is melted and Ralph is covered by the melted steel.


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