You’re the Worst S3 EP4 ‘Men Get Strong’

After finding out his father died in the previous episode, this one begins with Gretchen looking sad at Jimmy’s back. Jimmy seems sad but suddenly he faces her with a grin. He was so drunk that he didn’t even remember. When she tells him he freezes unable to say a word.

He unfreezes and tells her he totally remembered. He is clearly happy and uncaring about his father’s death. It really is something to be sure to see someone not care about their father. The world is a terrible place and there are so many awful people.

Edgar is going to the VA to get help for his PTSD which is good because it really is affecting him. I really hope he is able to get this help and come out as a better person.

Lindsay is processing feeling which she doesn’t ever do. Lindsay really is growing but she is just inching along and it is rather funny to see her try and grow up.

Gretchen goes to talk  to his therapist about Jimmy’s fathers death. She tells her she needs to help him with it. Gretchen wants to wipe it out in a moment but the therapist says to let him deal with it in his own time.

Gretchen wants to take him out on a sad day to see if they can make him cry.

Lindsay and Paul go to take a parenting class. Jimmy’s ex Becca and her husband are there and Becca’s husband just wants to drink.

Edgar takes Gretchen and Jimmy to a graveyard in hopes of making him cry. Gretchen has a funeral fetish.

Lindsay is doing well in the parenting class which upsets Becca. Becca is her sister and she always expected Lindsay to never have or want kids. Such a realistic sister relationship to be honest.

Paul tells Lindsay that the baby will look like him which disconcerts her a little. Lindsay ends up talking to another dad to be and helps him buy baby gear. She then tries to kiss him because she is just that stupid. With Lindsay it is always one step forward and two steps back.

Gretchen takes Jimmy to a British Pub and pretends to be his dad. Yelling at him and he thinks he is feeling but its just gas. Clearly Jimmy isn’t really truly unfeeling, he just has a hard time showing his true emotion as many men do.

Jimmy comes home to find Edgar has bought all his British snacks and he runs off. Jimmy goes to his room and finds a jacket his dad owned. Smelling it and going through old things he looks like he is crying but he is actually happy. Excited to finally be done with his father. He shoves all of his dad’s stuff in a drawer which opens as he leaves the room. We definitely haven’t heard the last about this. He is going to have some sort of break down as he continues through the steps of grief.

I’m curious how this will continue to play out in next week’s episode “Twenty Two.”


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