OUAT – Robin Returns in SN6

When last we saw Robin Hood, played by Sean Maguire, he looked like the pics above.  I’m not afraid to admit that there were tears shed in my living room… not mine.  Really.


In my review of the OUAT SN6 premiere, I told you that I thought they were working up to bringing Robin back.  Some of you judged me.  Oh, c’mon, ya know ya did.  Some of you said… It won’t happen.  Don’t lie.  I won’t name names… but you know who you are.  Well, guess what…

I. Was. Right!

OUAT muckity mucks have announced that Sean Maguire will be returning to Storybrooke in SN 6 for a few episodes.  However, they’re keeping mum on the wheretos and the howfores of Robin’s return.  They did say that Robin was not returning from the dead, and that they’re hoping that how he returns will be a surprise and unexpected.  Here’s what I’d love to see… a whole “Wonderful Life” thing for Regina with Robin as her Clarence, where he helps her to let him go and move on.  That would be just awesome.

The only thing that would be awesomer (shut up, if Trump can make up words, so can I) would be if Robin came back from the dead with a “Just kidding, I’m fine” thing.  ‘Cause seriously, I need …. never mind, it doesn’t matter what I need.  They gave me Hook back, and I know I should be happy with that.

But, I do miss Sean… soooooo glad he’ll be back, even if it’s just for a few episodes.


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