Ripper Street is Back 12th October

In a surprise move, fans of Ripper Street will be treated to two seasons in one year, as Amazon has announced the latest series will arrive sooner than expected. This will be a huge relief for fans, who were left with a gripping cliffhanger at the end of season 4.

The Victorian crime show was killed off by the BBC in 2013, but was later resuscitated by online streaming service. Now the show is ending on its own terms at season 5, which will see all six episodes arrive on 12th October.

The series will make up one single story and (according to Amazon’s publicity) “Our heroes become fugitives, forced to operate outside the law as they pursue the most insidious enemy they have encountered yet.” The enemy in question is “a serial killer with subhuman desires, but a superhuman ability to avoid apprehension”, played by Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood). Is it going to be the eponymous Ripper they come across?

All the usual suspects will be returning, as well as a fan favourite from season 2 Detective Inspector Jedidiah Shine (Joseph Mawle – Game of Thrones).


Bad guy DI Shine (Joseph Mawle) makes a welcome return

Catch the whole thing on 12th October on Amazon.

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