Kickstarter Spotlight: Of Devils And Men


The time has finally come to board the Charleston 689. The Of Devils And Men Kickstarter officially begins today! We at Skatronixxx have been previewing art and rewards for the project the past week or so. Now comes all the details and of course a link to the campaign.

First off a little bit about the horror western comic courtesy of writer James D. Schumacher III (Writer of Inheritance).

Story Synopsis:

1880’s Arizona Territory. The hills caught fire, the animals perished, the great cataclysm wrought death upon the world. Fire spread everywhere. Emerging from the hellfire, horrific denizens hellbent on the killing the last remnants of humanity.

Survivors of the inferno took to trains, stagecoaches, horses, anything to outrun the creatures. For the refugees on board Locomotive 689 Charleston, it is just the beginning of their trials as they steam for the fabled city, Crescent City.

A place where many say this hell has not touched, a place where the survivors can live without fear.

As each day wears thin for the survivors, patience gives way to anger, the pain of losing loved ones turn to violence and soon the people within the train have nothing more to fear that what is inside the train with them. This train is the last hope for these people, and it’s running low on fuel miles away from anything resembling safety and with millions of creatures on its heels.

Will the survivors on the Charleston defy their differences and overcome loss, or will the very thing that unites us all be the downfall of humanity?

Update: October 5th,2016 

The Kickstarter campaign has $2,156 of it $7,000 goal thanks to 31 awesome backers so far! Of Devils And Men has just 24 days left to get their project funded. Here is a video update from writer James D. Schumacher III on new perks and exclusives for the campaign.

There are now Of Devils And Men T-Shirts available only through this Kickstarter


Like any good Kickstarter campaign, there is a pledge level that should satisfy everyone’s budget needs. (keep in mind all prices are in US currency) $5 gets you a digital copy (DRM free PDF) of Of Devils And Men and $10 for a physical softcover copy. For the 50 plus page hardcover edition $40.

With each pledge over 2 dollars, you also get a personalised train ticket created by super talented artist Rusty Gilligan (Art Department Credits on Marvel movies such as the Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Spider-Man 2 for complete credits and info check out his IMDB page hereHere are the four different classes of tickets.

3rd class ticket final.jpg


2nd class ticket final.jpg


1st class ticket final.jpg

vip class ticket final.jpg

I’m excited to announce that there is a Skatronixxx tier ($25 pledge) which includes an unreleased exclusive interview I did with James Schumacher and artist Ken Knudtsen (former artist on Wolverine)!

Here is some original art available only through the Kickstarter by Ken Knudtsen





Still Available 





Both Ken and James are doing something different with this comic. Ken’s art style is very raw and rustic on this project. It’s certainly not traditional comic book art, and this is all done by hand no digital use what so ever.


We have enjoyed partnering with Of Devils And Men regarding promotion of their campaign prior and now during their launch. We appreciate them giving us content for readers like you. We at Skatronixxx believe in supporting indie whenever possible because it will eventually be the mainstream. Long gone are the days of the big two publishers pushing the envelope whether with storytelling or art. Kickstarter has allowed indie to have more of a voice than ever before and has made it possible for creators and publishers to release multiple projects thanks to receiving funding beyond their pledge goal.

So please support this comic if you’re a fan of horror, westerns or your just looking for something different from your average comic book. If you’re unable to support financially and like what you see, please help get the word out by sharing this article or the Kickstarter link on your various social media platforms.

For full details check out the Kickstarter page:

Of Devils And Men Facebook Page 

 Follow James D. Schumacher on Twitter: @SchumacherIII


Follow Ken Knudtsen on Twitter@kenknudtsen



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