“POTTER! Get Me Pictures Of Spider-Man!” – Daniel Radcliffe Wanted To Be Spider-Man


Spider-Potter, Spider-Potter

Does whatever a Spider-Potter does

Casts a web, from his wand

No it’s not that one dangling down there

Look out!

Here comes the Spider-Potter.

This would likely be the theme to Daniel Radcliffe’s Spider-Man, as he recently revealed to Metro that he would have liked to have played Spider-Man. ‘I would’ve been a good Spider-Man but the boat has sailed on that and I’m very happy to watch Tom Holland do it. He’s fantastic,’ he told the online newspaper, before adding ‘I love superhero movies’.

Of course, Daniel Radcliffe is most famous for playing Harry Potter  in the Harry Potter series. When asked about whether he’d join another franchise, he said ‘I’m not sure if I’d sign up for something that was another seven or eight films or ten years, but a shorter franchise, yeah,’

He also spoke to Digital Spy of his desire to join Game of Thrones (‘If they want to just bring me in and f**king kill me, I would be so happy to do that,’) and the Disney character he would most like to play (‘I would have a go at either Panic or Pain, the two little demons that run around Hades [in Hercules],’).

Whilst we won’t be seeing Spider-Potter on the big screen anytime soon, here’s hoping we can see The Potter Torch instead…providing Marvel Studios claim the rights back for Fantastic Four.

Spider-Man: Homecoming starring Tom Holland as the legendary web-slinger will be swinging into cinemas 7th July 2017. You can see Daniel Radcliffe ride a farting corpse in his latest film Swiss Army Man from today (Friday 30th September).


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