The Expanse: S1 Ep 8 Salvage

Two worlds of The Expanse universe finally collide in the eighth episode of SyFy’s popular TV series. Finally the build up is over!

I’m changing things up a bit for this episode’s synopsis. Normally, I divide the plots and sub-plots out by location but for this episode, I’ll tell the story from character experience. This is the most important episode to date and the climax of the season.

There are few subplot points that take place on Tycho Station and Earth, but the total screen time for both of those take up about 2 minutes of the entire episode. The majority of this episode deals with the immediate events leading up to the climax.


First. Miller.

Miller is on his way to Eros. He meets another passenger who can see that it’s Miller’s first time traveling. The other passenger is Mormon and is preparing for the Nauvoo voyage into space. Their conversation causes Miller to wonder just what the hell he’s doing.

When he finally arrives on Eros, Miller heads straight for the docks where the Anubis shuttle is. He has a tough time with the dock master, but he finds the shuttle is registered to Lionel Polanski just as security gets to the room and arrests him for being tough during his tough time.

His friend from Eros has him released. He takes Miller for a tour of Eros Station.

As they sit down to a meal, Miller tells what he’s really on Eros for. He asks his friend to help him locate Julie Mao. His friend is reluctant, but finally shows Miller proof that Julie Mao is on Eros Station. Seems she’s registered at a seedy hotel under the name Lionel Polanski.

Miller immediately leaves to go find her.

Next. Holden & Crew.

Holden and crew come across an abandoned ship on an asteroid. It turns out to be a stealth ship like the ones that attacked the Canterbury and the Donnager.

The ship is well hidden in a crevice of the asteroid but they’re able to dock and board.

It’s eerily quiet. At first, it appears nothing is out of the ordinary. As they go deeper, they start seeing signs of a struggle. The scene tension builds until they finally come across the suit of a Belter, however, they know the ship is not from the Belt. They realize this is the ship that attacked the Canterbury.

As they search inside and outside of the ship they find clues as to what happened. Amos discovers a locked safe on the flight deck. They decide to restore power to provide light.

When Holden and Naomi get to the power reactor they discover a few curious things. Then Holden sees there is some sort of living creature that has nested or attached itself to the ship’s reactor.

We also see a mysterious blue light creeping along the halls of the ship.

Holden and Naomi go in for a closer look at the alien creature.


Amos finds the ship’s name: The Anubis. It’s the ship Julie Mao was on.

Just then, the alien begins to come alive. Naomi quickly surmises it’s absorbing energy from the reactor and shuts it down.

Everyone gets off the Anubis as fast as possible.

Back onboard the Rocinante, Kenzo is begging Holden to let him go with them to Eros. Holden agrees if the spy uses his contacts to help Holden and crew find Lionel Polanski.

Holden decides to destroy the abandoned ship based on what they found aboard. They torpedo it as they speed towards Eros.

Finally. They Meet…And Things Get Really Good

While Miller is on his way to the hotel to find Julie Mao, Holden and crew have also docked on Eros Station. Their stowaway, Kenzo, takes them to the seedy hotel where Lionel Polanski is registered. Something is fishy, but Amos can’t quite put his finger on it.




As Holden talks to the Concierge, random people are slowly flowing into the lobby. As Holden leaves to go to the room to finally meet Polanski, Kenzo realizes what is going on and runs. Amos pulls a gun to stop him and then all hell breaks loose. It turns out the rest of the people in the lobby were actually the hit squad sent by U.N. Undersecretary Errinwright back in Episode 7.

Holden and crew are pinned down. Just as things are about to get really bad, Miller shows up.

Finally, Holden and Miller come face to face.

They get out of the situation and begin to figure out what’s going on.

Right now, no one knows that Lionel Polanski is the pseudonym that Julie Mao goes by. They get to the hotel room. Miller is asking for Julie. Holden and crew don’t know that Polanski and Mao are the same person.

Finally, in the bathroom, they find Julie Mao’s body. It’s crystalized. It’s the same crystalline gunk they found on the stealth ship and it’s all over the room and her naked, dead body.


Season 2 is getting close, folks. Recap the first season of The Expanse TV series here and get to know the cast here.



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