The ‘Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X’ Review – “Love Goggles”

Salty“. Yep … That’s pretty much the best way to describe how I’m feeling right now. Trust Gamer Legend Mari to appropriately sum up the dying cries of Millennial fans everywhere.

Hyperbolic? Maybe but in the little time she had on-screen, Mari was turning into Narration-Gold.

Not to snipe the ending to this review. But given that Paul’sheart attack‘ teased last week was a fake-out. Let’s focus on the dark horse of the pre-season. Michelle.


For a girl I had written off as a member of the ‘cool kids‘ alliance. Michelle has her ducks laid out and is sniping from behind. Not a so-called member of the Triforce, she is however a trusted ear for both Jay and Figgy. Two members of the team that seemingly are connected through Bro-Taylor than anything else.

Should Michelle look to go far, she better beat the Snowboarding instructor to the punch, and snuff his torch before he wises up.

I think she has awhile.

When it comes time though it should be easy enough given her back-up alliance of Will and Hannah. The later who was literally convinced to vote for her friend at Tribal Council by Michelle.

Maybe that Rat-Tail is a Jedi Braid after all.


Not to leave the Gen-Xers out in the cold. The Golden Oldies had some tricks up their sleeves, especially given the unlikely partnership of narcotic David and Model Ken.

Or the Stephen & JT of Fiji.

Oh David. Have I mentioned my love for David? Perhaps but if my heart bleeds for the departure of Mari at least knowing David has an Idol in his back-pocket gives me some sense of security. For the time being at least.

This was a great episode for the other dark horse Ken. Considering he was on the oust alongside CeCe and First-Boot Rachel in the Premiere episode. It was nice to see his take on  the dominate Paul Alliance, and it was shockingly empathetic.


If last years Winner Michelle Fitzgerald’s game taught us anything, is that the Social Game in Survivor should not be underestimated. Yes strategic moves gets me in the naughty spots but seeing Ken relate to David on a human level, relating to the days that he himself was an outsider, was heart warming. But better still should pay-off for the Model in the long run. I mean – not for nothing – David trusted Ken enough to show him his Hidden Immunity Idol. A move in Survivor that more often than not solidifies an Alliance to the bitter end.


I’ve got to be honest. Hearing Jeff Probst during the pre-season hype described how the Idols this year were “Hidden in Nature” and could “Look like a Shell“, I was out on the idea. But I have to say, I think Probst buried the lead with this one.

When David spotted that Coconut with a simple painted logo on it – without any clue – it was elegant in its simplicity. Sure we knew that David was looking for the idol but when he spotted that Coconut and cracked it open. It could have been just a clue for all we knew.

Dare I say it. Have the Survivor Producers made the search for the Hidden Immunity Idol fun again?


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