28th October to be ‘Stan Lee Day’

Excelsior, True Believers! Los Angeles has declared 28th October to be Stan Lee Day!

The legendary face of Marvel comics has been given a dedicated day in his honour as thanks for his contribution to LA’s entertainment industry. The 93-year-old comics giant originally hails from New York, but moved to the City of Angels about 30 years ago, taking it as an adoptive home.

In addition to this, Lee‘s annual convention (Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo) has been renamed Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.This will be the sixth year for the convention, which is to be held 28th-30th October (kicking off, obviously, on Stan Lee Day) The con will celebrate all things pop culture related, including films, comics, video games, sci-fi and fantasy.

According to CBS Local, Lee said of the convention, “we want to have the most glamorous and sought-after guests possible in the entertainment field, because after all, Los Angeles to me is the home of entertainment — this is where it all starts.”

Happy Stan Lee Day, everyone!

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Image credit CBR.com


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