Let’s talk about DLC…

Dear reader and gamers, the time for us is really bad. If us, who love gaming all night or during the weekend, right after a hard day at work, what will it be of us after a few years when games will cost more than £80 plus £30 of DLC?

Yes, the new thing so called DLC is taking over the gaming industry and gaming content. We need to defend our original value… alright I’m gonna stop with the speech and that. But here’s one question for you all, is the DLC really worth it and bring more to the game experience?

In the 90’s, I was in my Gaming prior, my Pac-Man or Pokemon would never leave my side. But also in that time, you had the full game experience in one game, either it was a AAA or Indie game. Yes, a full gaming experience where you needed to reach high scores to unblock secret levels or to scratch your head to find secrets about the world of the game you are playing. Remember the amount of hours you’d pass on it just to finish at 100%, the frustration, patience and anger of hours of searching or doing a level all over again because of something specific or to reach perfect score. Wasn’t it why games such as Final Fantasy 7, Tomb Raider, Mario, Tekken and others were said to be part of the best games ever made by gamers?  They were because of the hours of play you’d pass on it to access and discover everything.

Remember Final Fantasy 7, to fight the last boss and have a chance to win against it, you needed first the  The Knights of the Round, 

but to reach it you needed the gold Chocobo,

 but to get it you needed to make your original Chocobo go through stages by feeding and make other babies Chocobo. Yeah it was a really long process if I’m honest, but that was the dedication for the value of the game you bought for and the feeling of finally achieving that game to 100%… priceless.

Okay now, imagine that all the thing I just said we’re DLC! (wich I suppose will be in the FF7 remastered) the value of the game would have been enormous when you already pay a great sum of money for just to fight Sephirot… 
But the one who actually get the gold medal for is Bungie with Destiny. Damn they are the worst thief in the gaming industry, when you think the original game is £50 plus the 4 dlcs’ which cost around £20 each (and I’m nice still by saying that), I’m like GODDAMN!! I don’t say there DLC  doesn’t have much content but it’s not as much as to justify a total product that goes over the £100… the worst is that every gamers who have bought it to is original release doesn’t receive any discount on future DLC for their commitment but instead new players got discounted into one package. That’s a big stab on the back of their true players on my opinions. 

For now, the gaming industry aren’t making games to give the gamers a unique experience but more to actually empty our bank account than anything else. Luckily you still have companies who actually give a 100% game as it’s release or makes free DLCS’  for multiplayers mode. 

As a final say in this article, I wouldn’t say they make the gaming experience  better actually destroys it by how much we all have to spend in just one games when all we want is to buy different games and finish them fully for our own entertainment. And don’t even start me on the micro-transaction… 

Anyway what do you think gamers of DLC?  Do you agree that we need to spend more money to have a full gaming experience now on separate bundles or do you agree with my argument? 

Let us know your though on it in the comment section.

Peace everyone. 


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