Tom Hanks photo bombs married couple pictures

Ah yes, Tom Hanks, could there be a more wonderful, fantastic, super, amazing human being? The answer is no, no there cant be, there is only one Tom Hanks. That is final….


This man has his hand, voice, and face in so much out there. From Sleepless in Seattle to Toy Story and so, so much more… This man is everywhere. And apparently, you can find him in a few wedding photos as well. Mr. Hanks was in Central Park at the same time as a lucky couple, who was there taking some wedding pictures, and he decided that a few selfies with the bride and groom was on the agenda for this day (besides the jog he was already involved in). And what a memory for the newlyweds, Ryan and Elisabeth.

“I had the couple pose near the reservoir, he just walked up to us and took off his hat and glasses and said ‘Hi, I’m Tom Hanks.” Reported photographer, Meg Miller, to the Daily News.


Below is the video of the whole thing, which is just fantastic. I mean wow, could you just imagine, your big day, already so wonderful, and it just got that much more special because of this amazing man, Tom Hanks. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. ^_^




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