MacGyver SN1 E2 – Metal Saw


Things didn’t start off all that well for Mac & Company in the latest episode of MacGyver.  But, if you were a fan of the original then you know that’s kind of the formula.  Early in the first season of the original show, they called them the “Opening Gambits”.  They usually involved MacGyver escaping single-handed from some impossible scenario.  The only difference in the new version of the “Opening Gambit” is that Mac’s not alone… insert hero sidekick Jack Dalton here.

I’m glad that the powers that be on this one have been listening (even if only slightly) to the fans of the original series.  I know that they completely re-tooled the pilot and re-shot everything.  They have several members of the original team on staff… and they pay homage to the original every chance they get.  And yet, something still feels off.  Perhaps, it’s just me pining for Richard Dean Anderson, but maybe not.  I read recently that RDA refused to be a part of this reboot because he felt like CBS & the team behind this revival were ignoring the wishes of the loyal fans of the original series.  His refusal came before the re-tooling and re-shooting.  So, I’m still holding out hope that he’ll come on board eventually… in some capacity.

Shut up!  Do NOT burst my bubble.

Anyway, back to this episode…. Mac & Company have to go save Jack’s ex-partner (ya know, from when he was in the CIA) who’s gotten in a bit of a jam in Venezuela.  I think the line of the episode award goes to Riley (played by Tristan Mays).  After being told to wait in the car, she comes in just in time to knock out the bad guy with a car door… And she says, “What?  You told me to wait in the car; technically I did.”  Of course, they save the ex-partner (played by Person of Interest alum, Amy Acker) while throwing around phrases like “hashtag” and “Uber” pointing out all the modernizations of a classic, and they manage to catch the bad guy as well.  Oh yeah, and we learn in this episode that what Mac and Jack have in common is they’re both unlucky with women.

The action in this new version seems … well…. more.  And, I gotta say, they blow a lot of stuff up.  And I do like to watch ’em blow stuff up.  I miss RDA’s narration though.  Don’t get me wrong Till still has some narrated bits, but RDA just had a sarcastic wit that’s missing in this one.

The best gag of the episode is the bowl of paper clips on the table… but I don’t want to say anymore than that.


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