Once Upon a Time SN6 E2- A Bitter Draught

She’s back.

That’s right, The Evil Queen in all her glory and scene stealing wardrobe is back.  And, I loved every minute of it.  Nobody does villain better than Regina, and I’m really liking having her as both a hero and at the same time a villain.

Although, watching her coming on to Gold was a little uncomfortable to watch.

I was excited for the arrival of The Count of Monte Cristo, but sad he isn’t sticking around.  I’m really unhappy that they teased us with a peek at Aladdin and Jafar but haven’t shown us any more about them.

Hook helped Belle because he’s trying to become someone he can like (and forgive), and Emma had some appointments with “The Cricket” to talk about her Savior issues in hopes of ending the tremors in her hands.

Last week, I said that the premiere left me feeling a little meh.  Well, I’m still waiting for things to get moving.  Things seem to be moving slower than a sloth on Xanax.  I understand that they’re building … but come on, hit me with a hammer already.


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