Croak #2 Review



Croak #2 proves my point that I made in my review of issue #1. You cannot say that issue #1 of a comic has to blow you away to stick with the title. While it’s awesome when the first issue exceeds your expectations there, are many different paced stories that deserve more than 1 issue of your time and money. Once again I’m a firm believer in 3 issues, or I’m done with the title.

After the great ending of issue 1, we now see the aftermath in issue 2. We are introduced to the mystery in the forest, but not before a prank goes a little too far. As usual, accidents are bound to happen, and accusations and confusion among friends are always guaranteed in dark tree-filled areas. Things get a little stranger for our group of friends when one of them goes missing.



Croak #2 is quite an improvement from its debut issue. With the set up out of the way writer, Cody Andrew Sousa has more freedom to pick up the pace and tension. Once again this issue makes you want the next one which is what a good comic should do. While this story may feel very familiar to veteran horror fans, I suspect some twists and turns are coming shortly in this series.

Francesco Iaquinta‘s art has improved, it looks more polished than the debut issue to me. Perhaps he’s gotten more comfortable drawing these new characters he created. The colours by Chris O’Halloran still same good quality as the last issue.


If you have picked up issue 1 and weren’t sold on it get issue 2, it’s worth it, and at 24 pages for $2.99 (US) that’s a great value. If this issue somehow still doesn’t do it for you like I said to give issue 3 the last chance. It’s the Halloween season now this is good series to add to your horror and Halloween themed entertainment for the spooky month.


Croak #2 is available this Wednesday, October 5th.

Croak #1 is currently available and can be purchased at Comixology 

Check out The Croak Twitter account: @CROAKcomic

Follow writer Cody Andrew Sousa on Twitter as well: @WhyImCASpage04.jpg


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