Elementary SN5-EP1 ‘Folie a Deux’


Sherlock and Watson  have once again graced our screens, with the premiere of season 5 airing last night (October, 2), and the dynamic duo didn’t disappoint. Oh, how I have missed the eccentric detective and his level-headed protégé Watson, who balance Sherlock out, however, I have noticed she is becoming more like Sherlock each episode. Let’s have a quick recap the last episode of season 4

 Elementary SN4-EP24 ‘A Difference in Kind’ Recap

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) quickly disarms the bomb and deduces that it was no Vikner, but another member of his group who wants to dethrone him by killing them, thus not harming him and Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). The two of them find out with the help from Morland (John Noble) that the bomber is connected to an Iranian diplomat in the organisation, Hashemi, who is bent on deposing vikner as the leader. They meet with her only to realise the enormity of the organisation and to learn the reason why Morland was targeted by Vikner.

Some in the organisation, like Hashemi, wanted Morland as the new leader until Vikner played his hand. Sherlock, Watson, and Morland work together to frame Vikner for a federal crime, only to find out he was tipped off by a contact inside the FBI and is in the wind. Morland, in an attempt to protect his son, then contacts Vikner, who thinks he’s going to be able to kill off Morland, however, he has allied with Hashemi, so Vikner is killed instead by her men.

Morland meets Sherlock on the brownstone’s rooftop, telling him that he has taken over leadership of the organisation with the aim of dismantling the network from within and explaining to him that it was the only way to guarantee he would not lose his son. He also promises that the group won’t have a presence in New York and prepares to return to London.



Elementary SN5-EP1 ‘Folie a Deux’

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liuinvestigate when at bomb goes off in a crowded park. They believe it is the Bensonhurst Bomber, who was last active six years ago. He has become active again, but this time, his bombing spree is in Flushing. Sherlock spots a guy acting suspicious at the crime scene and gives chase, but he escapes when Sherlock is hit by a car. Not deterred from being hit by a car Sherlock gets his first break in the case while giving chase both men jump over a parked taxi, the suspect put his hand on the bonnet as he jumped over and left his fingerprints behind.


Sherlock is concerned that Watson is getting restless after five years as a private investigator, he points out that this is her third career, and can’t help but wonder if her wanderlust has subsided. Watson contemplates and agrees that life is short and that she hasn’t been “a construction worker yet or a biker or an Indian Chief” to which Sherlock replies “You think I don’t get the Village People reference, but I do“. They get a match to Nathan Resor (Matthew Del Negro), a land developer who was in jail when the bombing had stopped. Of course, Resor denies the claims he is the Bensonhurst bomber, and a search of his home turns up nothing.


Watson realises that she and Resor have a contact in common, Shinwell Johnson (Nelsan Ellis), a drug dealer whose life she had saved as a surgeon after he was shot by rival dealers. Johnson now on parole, is working in a boxing gym, emptying spit buckets. Johnson gets the name of Resor’s cellmate Cray Fielder (Lee Tergesen), however, they can’t get Fielder to flip on Resor. A second bomb goes off while Resor is under surveillance and couldn’t have possibly planted this bomb.


Sherlock and Watson begin to suspect that Resor and Fielder are working together, they break into Fielder’s house hoping to find evidence to tie Fielder to the bombings and it pays off, they find a bomb-making kit. They eventually get Fielder to flip on Resor and the pair will never see the outside of a jail cell. Watson visits Johnson at the halfway house, he opens the door a little, Watson asks if he wants to go for a walk and a chat, he agrees and says he will just get his coat, he has a gun in his hand which he hides and he grabs his coat and leaves. Would he have shot himself if Watson hadn’t of showed up?

What were your thoughts on the premiere of Elementary Season 5?

Elementary airs  Sundays 10/9c  on CBS.


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