New Girl S6 E3 ‘Single and Sufficient’

Schmidt and Cece are going Glamping and realize they can’t just go with Winston and Ally. They decide to take Jess who invites her odd group of single friends.

Schmidt reads Nick’s story which he happens to keep in a big Ziploc. Nick wants his notes but Schmidt tells him he has no notes. He really thinks Nick’s story is brilliant. Ally comes back and jumps on Winston immediately.

Cece’s ex Robbie is the one who started off Jess’ single group and this just adds another layer of awkward. Jess and Robbie defend their single group and single life. The group really is just filled with “winners”. They decide to take a group picture of their single group.

Nick is psyched out by the blank page before him and Schmidt’s overconfidence him him. He can’t write a word of his story. He calls Schmidt and begs him for notes. With nothing coming from that he asks Winston to give him notes.

The single group is trying to enjoy their single life.Two of the members begin to cavort and Robbie goes to stop it. Robbie and Jess have a moment and clearly are going to be something.

Winston and Ally find that Nick’s story is brilliant beyond belief. They both found their sex to be just a little to much and take the scenic route. Robbie comes into the yurt where Jess Schmidt and Cece are talking about him. Robbie and Jess end up singing together and he actually has an amazing voice.

Nick calls Schmidt for notes, and Schmidt tells him he needs to be proud of his own work. Nick takes this to heart as he always does, what could come from this?

Jess and Robbie are brilliant singing together. Jess stops the song and the group ends up fighting. Robbie tells them all that he has feelings for Jess. Jess says she isn’t into a relationship right now. Jess is just totally in love with Nick.

Schmidt and Cece decide to go and make at least one pair of couple friends. Nick creates a character based on Schmidt and he is a villain. Schmidt is upset by this and wants to give Nick notes. Of course he’d want to give him notes as he feels insulted.

Jess goes out to read Nick’s novel and runs into Robbie. They share a table and clearly the sparks fly. Even though I haven’t watched Brooklyn 99 I am curious about next week’s crossover!


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