Regular Show: In Space S8 E6 ‘Ugly Moons’

In space the head of the space tree is working out when he is called by a subordinate.  He is suddenly mooned by a group of  men in another space city. He calls Muscle Man in to help prank his archenemy.

He tells Muscleman that he will have everything at his disposal. Mitch is excited to prank in space of course. They go to see Dr.Prankenstein which ends up including a Young Frankenstein reference. He  then calls in his friends in an A-Team style reference.

The operation is going to be called Operation Slime Bomb. They are going to drop them off at key points to totally slime the ship.  The foes prank the head of the tree again and moon our heroes. The heroes begin the operation they get into the space bush and head to their drop points. They are quickly captured by the enemy but Mitch sets off his bombs which is quickly disarmed.

Pranking has always been a part of Mitch’s character so I can’t see him failing. They are sent back to the ship and yelled at by the leader. It is hilarious because now that they have this boss, even Benson is yelled at.

The real prank was in the giant bottle which the enemy took from them. Muscleman then moons the slime coated villains. Of course he was able to defeat them, he is certainly the greatest prankster. Just another solid episode on this final season.


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