The Simpsons S28 E2 ‘Friends and Family’

Smithers and Burns are off to the doctor and Burns needs to hide so no one thinks he is sick.  He is seeing a therapist and is about to talk about his anger. When he brings it up he yells “anger issues” for their session. He’s been seeing him for 70 years and soon kicks the bucket. Burns is quite happy to have outlived all of his older friends.

Marge remembers when they saw the therapist who died. Little did she know Maggie talked during it and since no one heard her, she said she’d never speak again. It is always funny seeing Maggie talk since she rarely does it being a baby and all.

Frink the egg-headed scientist is wearing a VR headset when he gets hit by Burn’s car. Frink gives Burn’s the headset and passes out. What could Burns want to do with this new  gizmo?

Burns is enjoying VR but besides one space adventure it is all porn. Burns  thinks he needs a family and ends up hiring the Simpsons besides Homer. He is happy to see his “family” and even creates home videos. Burns has them live in his guest house and says they will work for him for ten years.

Homer ends up having the time of life since he is living alone. He’s naked on the roof when he starts talking to a new neighbor who is also on her roof. She clearly has no interest in Homer but there is still a little tension.  Homer decides a man and a woman can just be friends but his decisions are never wrong right?

He gets dressed and hangs out with his new friend. They end up going out in a nice platonic relationship though all assume they are dating. This woman is his best friend because they are so similar, and he realizes how much he really loves Marge especially since she isn’t exactly like him.

Burns fires the Simpsons saying his life is better without a family. Homer’s new best friend Julia becomes a fight, when Homer acts like he really has feelings for her. Marge flips out. Marge apologizes to Homer, but Homer shows that Julia has taught him a thing or two about marriage that makes Marge happy.

Burns has his final fantasy which is his death. He then is in hell and he takes a selfie with the Devil, though the device isn’t plugged in, Dun Dun, Dunnn!

All around good episode of the Simpsons and I am excited for the next episode.



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