Vans creates Toy Story shoes!


OK this is cute. It appears that in celebration of Toy Story, Vans has decided to come out with feet gear that is themed after the beloved characters of the movie. And yes, they are available in both kids and adult sizes in case you are wondering…

You can rock it in either Woody’s boots in the style of high tops, or in glow-in-the-dark Aliens shoes… If you are a Buzz fan, you can pop those sneaks on the feets and show them off as well. Are you looking for a girlier look, then you got the Bo Peep style high tops that are pink with polka dots, unless you want the darker parts from the movie, you have Sid’s disfigured toys, which are convenient in the slip-on style.

These shoes, plus more, are available starting October 7th, which is just a few days away, and will be available in Vans stores and online. I’m thinking that I may have to check out the glow-in-the-dark Aliens myself. ^_^


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