American Horror Story: Roanoke “Chapter 4”

I’m back! Did you miss me? Before we get down and dirty with Chapter 4, a huge shout out and thank you to Thisonesmartgirl for taking the reins and reviewing last week’s episode while i was in the hospital, I really appreciate your help, you’re a star! Right, shall we take a look at where we left the Millers last week.


Roanoke “Chapter 3” Recap

While searching for Flora (Saniyya Sidney) Lee’s (Angela Bassett) ex-husband is found dead. Shelby (Sarah Paulson) suspects Lee and the security cameras show that she followed him out of the house during the night. The hillbilly family vanishes, leaving their two feral sons behind. A psychic by the name of Cricket (Leslie Jordan), claims he is able to locate Flora, and Lee folks out a hefty $25,000 in hopes that he can find her daughter. This isn’t the first time this has happened to Lee, however she is very reluctant to discuss the disappearance of her first daughter, that happened many years earlier. Cricket reveals the Priscilla is a dead 16th-century child, and their house and surrounding land are haunted by spirits led by the “The Butcher“, formerly Thomasyn White (Kathy Bates), the first lady of the Roanoke Colony. However, the colonists rebelled against Thomasyn in her husband’s absence and left her for dead. Thomasyn in desperation give her soul to a mysterious woman, and violently retook control of the colony, forcing them to relocate to the property, that the Millers now own. Matt (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) disappears and Shelby finds him copulating with the same mysterious woman, however, Matt doesn’t recall this event and as they argue the police arrive to arrest Lee, who were tipped off by Shelby.


Roanoke “Chapter 4”

Matt (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Shelby (Sarah Paulson) argue about his encounter with the mysterious horned woman, but he still doesn’t remember anything. Shelby prepares to shower when she is attacked by the pig man, who is able to materialise in different places around the house. The pig man chases Matt and Shelby around the house, slashing at them, then suddenly the pig man is struck from behind by Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare). When pig man gets back up Cunningham raises his hands and banishes the half man half pig with the word “Croatoan”. Shelby asks Elias what Croatoan is, and he describes it as a word of dark power, he tells them he has been the house’s guardian for years, but was unable to afford it before the Millers brought it at auction.


Elias shows the Millers his records of the historic owners of the house, including the Chen family in 1973. The Chen’s tried to protect themselves with folk magic, however, it was no match for the butcher and her group, who slaughtered them. The first to disappear was Edward Phillipe Mott, who built it in 1792. Matt sees the Jane sisters Miranda (Maya Rose Berko) and Bridget (Kristen Rakes) in the clippings, Elias details how the ghosts told him about the nurses’ sacrifice at the hands of The Butcher. In 1952, three hunters turned their guns on each other and blew themselves away, the history goes on and on, showing a distinct pattern of the same lunar cycle in October: the dying grass moon. This is when the deaths and disappearances are in the same 6 day period.


Elias insists they need to leave since the cycle starts that night, but the Miller won’t leave until they find Flora. They set out to find Priscilla (Estelle Hermansen) in the woods (the dead girl who Flora played with), they encounter the horned woman again and Shelby gives chase. Shelby is quickly being surrounded by the dead previous occupants, she tries to banish them using the word “Croatoan” her effort is in vain. Elias pleads with Priscilla to release Flora when The Butcher’s pack arrives and Elias is shot to death by arrows, the Millers run for their lives back to the house, to find Cricket (Leslie Jordan) waiting.


Cricket feels the Flora is still alive, but The Butcher is no longer willing to negotiate, and with the lunar season upon them, she is in a position of strength. Cricket is shaken after further parlay, this time with the horned woman named “Scathach(Lady Gaga). As a negotiation tactic, Cricket offers the horned women Matt for her pleasure. She takes Cricket back in time through memory, to the Lost Colony of Roanoke, a community whose bounty was dependent on human sacrifice. The colony objected to the sacrifices, and AmbroseThe Butchers son (Wes Bentley) led a rebellion. Under the guise of a special communion of repentance, The Butcher poisoned them all and stabbed her own son, killing the entire community and letting their souls to the land. The Butcher offered herself to Scathach, by killing her, the dark sacrament was now complete.


Cricket relays what he experienced to the Miller’s and leaves  for his hotel to get prepared for the night’s battle, hours later Cricket had still not returned and the Millers had both fallen asleep while waiting,  when Matt is woken by whispers, he follows them to the cellar. Matt finds Scathach waiting for him in a candlelit cellar – very romantic, Matt seems to be under some kind of spell and is unable to resist her advances and we learn, that Scathach was once, an English woman who crossed centuries before, and she became a new immortal, a fusion of pagan pantheons.


The Butcher finds Flora and is going to sacrifice her in front of the Miller’s, but Priscilla distracts The Butcher and Flora are able to escape to Matt and Shelby.  The Butcher has another human she can sacrifice, her pack  brings Cricket out before her, he was captured when he chased after Flora on his way back to his hotel room. The Butcher proceeds to gut Cricket like a fish as the Millers watch on helplessly,  Ambrose then assists his mother as they disembowel Cricket, she then points to the Millers with her meat cleaver, as if to say your next…..

Every episode just gets better and better! What did you think of this weeks episode? Join me here the same time next week on for the recap and review of American Horror Story: Roanoke “Chapter 5”. You can also find me Twitter: @Presh81 


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