Dartrix,Torracat, and Brionne…Oh My! Here come the Alolan starter evolutions!


Once again new Pokemon News has been shared with us and boy howdy was it some good news. Long have we waited for news of the starter Pokemon evolutions and the wait is finally over. Though I must say I’m thinking their might be multiple evolutions for these Pokemon.

Dartrix is the evolved form of Rowlet and really looks like quite the snob. I’m curious what this owl will evolve into, it really could go in many directions. Will it actually become an archer like the “leaks” have purported?

Torracat is the evolved form of Litten and it looks like quite the cool cat. I’m not sure how this could possibly become the supposed leaked evolution as it is on four paws. Though the idea of it punching is disconcerting. We don’t need another Fire Fighting starter.

Now Brionne is the evolved form of Popplio but I just think this Pokemon really is just to feminine to evolve from the boasting Popplio. I’m really curious to see what it evolves into, and if there really are multiple evolutions for these starters.

This next Pokemon was once Anime only but now Ash-Greninja is joining the Pokemon Games. I’m excited to add this Pokemon to my collection as it is really just so cool. Ash-Greninja has really been such a great Pokemon on the series, and to actually be able to have it on a team if one wanted is spectacular. This Pokemon really has been part of probably the most exciting saga of the Pokemon Series and I am excited to see him in action.

There is also a new connection area called the Festival Plaza. It really does remind me of Join Avenue from Generation 5. You can link up with people playing the game and using special points, deck out your plaza.

When the Pokemon are in the box they can now go to a special  island. Here other Pokemon can join them and might even become your own Pokemon. Finally Pokemon are going to be able to do something while they are boxed. They can  even go on a treasure hunt and find some great things.

Also announced officially was the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo which comes to the Eshop on the 18th of this month, one month away from the release.

With more news coming on the 14th, Pokemon Sun and Moon keeps looking better and better. Cannot wait for November 18th!



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