Horizon Zero Dawn’s Subquests sound like a blast from the Past…or Future?

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that I am really looking forward too. As a lover of open world games and someone who really enjoys how different each game can be this looks like a fun game. Running around in a world that is like the past but clearly built around a modern world just sounds cool.

Guerilla Games is hard at work making sure the game is perfect and they are sharing tidbits of information here and there. They recently revealed 5 different types of sidequests that will send Alloy on adventures to fight monsters and grow stronger.

The first major sidequest is going to be the most brutal as they are called Corruption Zones. The baddest of the bad lie in wait here for Alloy to wander in. Will she be able to leave these areas unscathed? That remains to be seen, but if she can she will find things that will really aid her quest.

The other big sidequest is some form of “Hunter’s Guild” in which Alloy will take missions to fight thus and so with a certain weapon. She will have to be on her A game as clearly players will find certain weapons more appealing then others.

Of course there are also random quests which can pop up any time. Tribes you meet will also have quests for you to undertake, as you work to become the head of the tribes. This prehistoric style woman is going to have to work hard to rule the tribes and with the help of the player and the completion of side quests she will be able to do it.

Horizon Zero Dawn is still literally on the horizon and will stay there for awhile as the game comes out February 28th 2017. I am still ready to jump into this world and find out exactly what happened to change our world into this. Alloy’s adventure really is looking like it will be a worth while endeavor.


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