Regular Show: In Space S8 E10 ‘Spacey McSpaceTree’

Mordecai and Rigby are blasting targets when Rigby decides to turn his gun up the max. He is too small to handle the power and blasts the Canadians. Rigby is banned from enjoying many things including the food trucks. If Rigby  learns enough from  Spacey McSpacetree then he can enjoy his fries.

Spacey is a master of safety and has to be around Rigby so he learns how to be safe. Spacey loves safety but is actually the unsafest being because he always causes more damage then he stops.

Rigby can’t sleep and is losing his mind. If he is safe then Spacey won’t appear. He forges a letter from Spacey so he can do the safety test. Rigby puts a double in the car that Mordecai is driving and when Spacey realizes he searches for him. Rigby completes the test and aims to put it int he computer when Spacey barges in.

Spacey breaks Rigby’s test and when he puts it in machine it attacks. Rigby tells Spacey off but when he is in danger Rigby saves him. If Rigby answers the rest of the questions then he will be done with the test and be safe.

Do to Spacey’s insanity Rigby is actually able to pass the test. Spacey may be unorthodox but he really had Rigby’s best interests at heart.Rigby passes his test and is given Spacey’s helmet. They have fries and end up causing a safety issue where Spacey heads back to cryosleep.

Just another good episode in this final season. Being to safe can certainly cause problems that is for sure.



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