An Interview With Cosplayer Colossal Smidgen Cosplay

Hi Readers
It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Colossal Smidgen CosplayColossal Smidgen Cosplay first caught my attention with her awesome Ewok cosplay! Let’s find out some more about Colossal Smidgen Cosplay.

1) How did you get into cosplaying?

Honestly I just jumped right into it head first. I used to love seeing other people cosplay but it never EVER crossed my mind to do it myself. Until one day my friend said I should be his little Short Round to his Indiana Jones just for fun. And it became way more than just for fun for me after that. I fell in love with it and needed to do more!

2) Where do you get your inspiration and ideas to cosplay from? Is it from programs you watch now or childhood programs or both?

My inspiration comes from anywhere. Starting with older fandoms that I have a life long attachment to like Star Wars and Pokemon. Now I’m also doing more new characters that I’ve become attached to .Or just because they look super duper cool xD


3) How do you put your outfits together are they 100% from scratch and if so what’s been your trickiest part to date?

Most if my costumes are 100% me, and I try to keep it that way so that I feel more attached to the cosplay:D I do tend to use some pieces like corsets that I didn’t make myself because I LOVE corsets. I’ve never sewed before so just learning how to put things together is soooo tricky!! Dx

4) What’s your favourite cosplay to date?

My favorite cosplay as of right now is….Probably the one I’m working on right now for Spooky Empire and Halloween. It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you ;P I’m doing Umbre on (my favorite Eeveelution from pokemon) as kinda like a witch doctor, voodoo design. It’s all creepy and gross andI love it!!! XD

But of course my Ewok will always have a special place in my little heart because it was my first official cosplay as a cosplayer.


5) If you’ve cosplayed at a convention what was the experience like?

I’ve done a few. My first was Short Round from Indiana Jones and it was AWESOME having people recognize who I was and shout out random quotes. It was a blast!

6) Can we expect to see you at any conventions this year?

I’m going to Spooky Empire in Orlando. Tampa Bay Mega Con, and the last one of the year is Holiday Matsuri!

7) If you could cosplay as anyone and budget wasn’t an issue who would it be?

Whaaaaa ANYONE??? Hmmmm. .. Actually it wouldn’t be a person from anything but I want to make a super megabadasssteampunkfairy with huuuuuge brasswings that move! I’ve been designing this one for months xD and would LOVE to actually make it instead of dreaming about it.

8) Do you have any words of advice for up and coming cosplayers?

Literally just do it. Don’t wait for that one thing to happen so you can get into it. Jump right in and start creating amazing work.


9) Where can we find you online?

There you go readers Colossal Smidgen Cosplay! Don’t be shy go say hi and say ‘Skatronixxx sent me!

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