Play Expo 2016- Manchester

Play expo 2016 was happening in Manchester this weekend, and it was good. Yeah I just said good for many reasons if I’m honest, but let’s have a chat about it.

This year, it was actually a special event for me as a fan of two great games that made their apparition, Tekken 7 and DragonBall Xenoverse 2 were available to play for the first time in Manchester and it was an occasion for me to not miss it. I mean it’s two great games made by Namco Bandai waiting from a big numbers of fan of fighting games or Dragon Ball series. 

But also, they were a tournament as every year of

Tekken, DragonBall, Street Fighter 5, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct

. But Tekken and DragonBall Xenoverse 2 tournaments were organised by the MBA  (Manchester Battle Arena) which are  the UK champions in Tekken tournaments

There were also other games as the Playstation VR with Battle Station and… that’s it on the new generation games. But to be honest there were many other games as well on old generation from the first Nintendo to the Playstation 3. With games as Goldeneye, Star Fox, Time Splitters 2, Halo, Time Crisis, Parasyte Eve 2 and many more.

 I mean if you were a gamer in the 80’s and 90’s, you would have been in haven I can assure you that. There was a lot of people who actually turned in to the event with many programmers, players who compete in international stage of tournaments as well plus the Eidos team who are making the latest Tomb Raider showed up as well to celebrate the 20 years of this fabulous game (even though Uncharted crushed that game now). 
There was a cosplay show where you’d have seen any sort of TV show, Anime or video games characters but I’m not gonna lie, the most impressive one I found was… actually I can’t tell you for so many reasons. Anyway let’s talk about more of the event. As I went with some friends the days started by trying to register for the Tekken7 and DragonBall Xenoverse 2  but unfortunately we were too late as they were already full of participants for both! 

So we decided to go on the Namco Bandai booth to play Tekken7 as me and my friend got a rivalry on this for 4 years in a row but unfortunately for me I lost 4 times in a row with an inflicted perfect finished… after so much sadness into me, it was time to go see all the goodies that stands were selling and you could found anything actually, back packs of Attack on Titan, pillow of pikachu and many more as well, but also you could buy Japanese imported straight from Japan as wasabi crisps, drink of DragonBall,  ramen… 

The event were more focus this year on indie games and ‘remember the past’ kinda thing with a whole of installation of pc with the first Doom game, all connected to play a giant multiplayers. 

But seriously the event was more focus on the two big games that Bandai Namco were about to release and also the 20 years of Lara Croft. But to be honest guys that’s what most happens during the event. Tournaments, goldies of the era, goodies all over the places, beautiful cosplay, yeah it was still good to be honest as a hardcore gamer. I just hope that next year, they will have more games of the new generation with the Xbox Scorpio and the Playstation 4 Pro

But like I said, I still enjoyed it. But next it will be Paris Games Week.


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