MacGyver SN1 E3 – Awl


Photo: Guy D’Alema/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

I’ve decided not to call Lucas Till’s character MacGyver.  I just think of him as Angus (which is Mac’s given name).  That way I can enjoy this show without constantly comparing it to the original show.  There.  Easy peasy.

Because in reality, other than the glaring absence of RDA as Mac, this is a pretty good show with lots of action and cracking dialog.  And, the music’s pretty awesome too.  Also… b-t dubbs, I love the new and improved version of Jack Dalton.  George Eads totally makes this show for me.  Riley’s pretty kick ass too.

This week, the Phoenix team (see how I did that? No reference to Mac) had to go into Malaysia and extract an “asset”.  Ralph was the guy that handled the money for a terrorist group.  The Phoenix team hoped that he’d have some kind of intel that would help stop whatever the terrorist group was planning next.  Ralph was a pretty funny guy… well, I laughed at him a lot.  No… not with him.  AT him.  After getting shot, Ralph became the albatross around Angus’ and Jack’s neck while trying to get to their extraction point on time.  Angus even had to perform major surgery  with the windshield wiper fluid tube from Ralph’s SUV… after bandaging his wound with a driver’s license and some black electrical tape…. all while being directed by a surgeon that didn’t speak English that Riley grabbed off a golf course.  Thank God for translator apps.

All that and then Angus had to play the monster in Bozer’s indie film.  But, it’s all in a day’s work for … oh,  OK… MacGyver.

**please notice the bowl of paper clips on the table in the picture above… that is probably the best running gag in this show!


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