Once Upon a Time SN6 E3 – The Other Shoe


ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Other Shoe” (ABC/Jack Rowand)

So far, I’ve been complaining about the episodes this season.  They’ve left me saying … meh.  But, this week they finally finished a story that I’ve been wondering about since Season 1 Episode 4!  I wanted to know how Cinderella … Ashley ended up in Storybrooke and (like Paul Harvey always said) ‘the rest of the story’.

So, even though I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Aladdin – Jasmine story line that they’ve teased us with all Summer, I was happy with last night’s episode.  And also… they gave us a really romantic Captain Swan scene which I may or may not have been watching repeatedly since last night.  Go ahead… judge me.  I don’t give a f … oh sorry, the boss doesn’t let me say words like that … OK.  I don’t give a flip.  I mean, come ON.  She’s gonna move aside some of those red leather jackets and make room for his black leather.  It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.  I wanna see her move the yellow bug over to make room in the driveway for The Jolly Roger!

I do have one criticism though.  I wanted an evil Evil Queen.  So far, she’s just been kind of comedic relief.  This whole thing with Regina trying to stay one step ahead of herself is just … well…. hilarious.  Give me some evil.  Ya know, like Gold in the first season.  Hell, like Regina in the first season.  But, her wardrobe is (as always) awesome AF.

Hook teaching Henry how to sword fight was beyond awesome.  It was really kind of sweet and cute.

In the upcoming attractions portion of the program, they said we’ll get Aladdin and Jasmine in TWO weeks.  YAY!


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