Gotham S3 E4 ‘New Day Rising’

After the villainous Mad Hatter Jervis Tetch made his appearance and was scared off by his sister we find her talking to Bullock. Tetch is going to find her and she knows it, he really is far worse then anyone knows. We next see Tetch hypnotizing a man surrounded by carnival props.

It’s election day with the former mayor and the crime lord Penguin running even. Riddler is so happy to be free from Arkham and helping Penguin. Penguin has even had their release certificates framed.

They are taking Alice Tetch’s  blood to test it. She tells Lee all about Tetch and how if he gets into your mind you are done. Clearly he is affecting Gordon as he causes him to walk out into the street in front of a barreling truck.

One of Bruce’s cars was totaled of course because 5 can’t drive. 5 and Selina are still together and he doesn’t understand what she is doing when she says she is robbing a place. She is quickly caught in the act, I do hope she gets away.

Penguin is actually quite the charismatic figure when he is led by the Riddler. Butch is paying of members of the election board. Gordon is off to see Babs to find out where Tetch is. I do love how mad Babs is, she is so perfect for Gordon. Tetch is looking for muscle and easily wins over two bruisers.

Selina is trapped, when 5 busts in and takes out the guys in a flash. Gordon goes to speak with Alice about his suicidal thoughts. Barnes and Gordon surprisingly have a heart to heart and he allows him to talk to her.

Selina realizes 5 is not Bruce. Riddler is annoyed Butch is paying people off when Penguin is winning people over with his charisma.Alice knows Tetch is still in Gordon’s head and helps him figure out that ticking will set him off. Suddenly the bruisers come into the GCPD ready to take Alice. Not a good day for anyone at the police station today. When Tetch comes before Gordon and hypnotizes him Barnes saves the day maybe Barnes isn’t so terrible.

5 and Selina are talking as she stitches his wound up. 5 has never had anyone to call a friend and clearly hopes Selina will be a friend or more as he kisses her which is a shock. Gordon wakes up in the office with Lee, they need to talk. Gordon has no words for her, and she is rightfully upset. Gordon is under a 48 hour suicide watch, will he find a way to free himself to beat Tetch?

Butch promises his men if Penguin wins they will run the city, his two men have lost Nygma. When Bullock interrogates the last of the bruisers he tells him where Tetch is. Meanwhile Tetch has dressed Alice, as well Alice from Alice in Wonderland and is ready to punish her for leaving him. He injects her with something terrible I presume.

Gordon is off to the hospital when Bullock gives his guards a break and he is set free to get Tetch. Bruce finds 5 angry with him, or really angry with himself for not spending time with Selina. 5 is going to leave Gotham and jumps off the roof running to safety. This clone certainly is superhuman.

Tetch is planning to inject Alice’s blood into the drinking water to create a few monsters. Gordon comes into face Tetch who sets off a ticking metronome. Gordon overcomes it and breaks his spell. Soon after Alice falls from the pier and is stabbed by a spike causing Tetch to scream.

Penguin feels betrayed by Riddler taking back the money Butch bribed the officials with, but is overcome with joy when he wins nonetheless. In the aftermath Butch is demoted and Riddler and Penguin go to celebrate.

Bruce and Alfred talk of Selina because Bruce just wants Selina truly. Gordon and Lee talk as well and finally put things to rest. 5 is walking alone when he is taken in by the Court of owls, phase 2 of his story begins now.

Penguin speaks out for the first time as Mayor introducing Gotham to his Chief of Staff Mr.Nygma. At the crime scene a drop of Alice’s blood falls into Barnes’ eye, shit is about to go down.

With Penguin as Mayor the city of Gotham is definitely not going to be so peaceful as the underbelly will definitely come to the surface. Really ready for next week’s episode ‘Anything for you’


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