You’re the Worst S3 E7

Jimmy is cranking out his novel possibly spurred on by deadlines and the death of his father. He soon passes out exhausted after a crazy night of writing. He suddenly gets a package which he opens and throws outside. Moments later Gretchen brings it in and he tosses it outside again. Of course Edgar brings it in once again.

Inside are his dad’s ashes, and his dad wanted him to have a memorial as his last wishes. Of course Jimmy really has no interest on it at least on the surface.

Lindsay wants to find another man to screw so she can be with Paul. He diverges the conversation in hopes of changing her to his side.

Gretchen’s new client is the brilliant Ben Folds. Gretchen goes home to see Jimmy reading his novel to his father’s ashes. Clearly he has somethings to get off his chest.

Lindsay hates how boring Paul is and clearly needs excitement to keep this up. Paul finds the man Lindsay wanted to spend time with and is soon told to sit down and watch what unfolds, clearly crushing him.

Edgar goes to talk to the VA about smoking pot medically and is sent away. Jimmy’s dad’s friend comes to the door to tell

They have a memorial, and everyone comes including Ben Folds. Ronny, Jimmy’s Dad’s friend reads a message from his dad as the eulogy. After the letter is filled with lies, Jimmy freaks out and reads his list of heckles. Jimmy runs off to dump his ashes as Ben Folds opens up a prop table at the party.

Edgar gets a pot card as Jimmy goes to scatter his father’s ashes at Tony Shaloub’s house. As he kicks the can of ash’s he breaks down and cries walking home.

A really deep episode of the fantastic “You’re the Worst”. Losing a parent can be very troubling even if they weren’t the best to you.  But I think they really did this well, and love how intelligent are when  they deal with tragedy. Excited as always for  next week’s episode “Genetically Inferior Beta Males.”



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