New Pokemon and New Trainers emerge in the new trailer for Sun and Moon!

Type-Null’s evolution is revealed to be called Silvalley and it’s ability is Rk-system. Just like Arceus this Pokemon can change its type depending on the disk it holds. Really an interesting Pokemon, he will only evolve when he fully trusts his trainer and breaks free of his helmet.

Jangmo-o the new Dragon type becomes Hakamo-o which is Dragon- Fighting. Clearly a rough and tumble Pokemon, ready for a fight. It really does look quite cool.

It’s final form Kamo-0  who is also Dragon-Fighting is quite majestic and has the new move Clanging Scales which while it does a lot of damage lowers its defense. I really like its design and am certainly having this bruiser on my team when this game comes out!

Bounsweet the cute little baby Grass type evolves into Steenee who is also Grass Type and is still the Fruit Pokemon. Looking quite fashionable now for a pokemon that started out in diapers.

Steenee evolves into Tsareena a super majestic royal Pokemon. It is said only the strongest Steenee evolve into Tsareena. Tsareena has the amazing ability Queenly Majesty which can stop opponents from using a move right off the cuff. I really do think this Pokemon looks like a fierce fighter, and that is good!

Cutie fly evolves into Ribombee a Pokemon who was first seen in a trailer a while ago. It is another fasionable Pokemon as it has a nice scarf.

Alolan Grimer is joined by Alolan Muk. Grimer and Muk look actually quite nice in game. When I first saw Alolan Muk I wasn’t impressed but in game he looks awesome.

Also revealed were Olivia the Kahuna of Akala Island anda Ilima the first trial captain. Olivia’s Pokemon are of the Rock-Type persuasion and her first Pokémon is Nosepass. It has been said she also owns a Lycanroc.It is nice to see more people of differing skin colors and this kahuna looks like quite the opponent.

Ilima is a Normal type trial captain and not much is known about this character.

With more and more news coming out weekly, and the game just about 5 weeks away, I am getting more and more hyped for this awesome new game. Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out in most of the world on November 18th and on November 25th for Europe. Below is the trailer if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet!


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